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The gang learns that the responsibility of riding a bicycle is similar to that of driving a car. Host: Bill Cosby.
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Players acquire cards by answering trivia questions in an attempt to build the closest hand to 21 without going over.
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Players acquire cards by answering trivia questions in an attempt to build the closest hand to 21 without going over.
Bounce TV Headlines
Shooter's Depot and Congressman Scott DesJarlais Oppose AR-15 Ammo Ban
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is hoping to ban certain AR-15 bullets. The proposal supported by the Obama administration has received backlash from Congressman Scott DesJarlais and Second Amendment activists. Video Video
Chattanooga Traffic Fatality
It happened in the 4850 block of Hixson Pike around 5 a.m. Thursday.
New Baby Animals at the Chattanooga Zoo!
Chattanooga Zoo announces the birth of two fennec foxes.
Cleveland Shoplifting Call Leads To 3 Arrests
David Evans confessed to stealing an unopened gas powered hedge trimmer box from the Keith Street Walmart. Video Video
Incline Railway Opening Saturday
It will open at 9 a.m. after closing for seasonal repairs.
Latest Comments
briarfox - 2:34 AM
0 Votes
Is resisting arrest NOT against the law? Every person in this country, legally or illegally, should know that if you don't comply with what a cop is telling you to do your probably going to get hurt. Another thing, If your going to live in this country, LEARN to speak English. In this case, I think the Police did their job. You think you can do it better, then get out there!

grams - 2/27/2015 7:14 PM
0 Votes
That is a GREAT picture!! Good eye!

DSims - 2/27/2015 6:36 PM
1 Vote
Thank you Bradley County Fire and Rescue and BC EMS for the life saving operations today! Job well done.

sullie - 2/25/2015 10:27 PM
0 Votes
As someone in the industry, I hope you guys realize just how lucky you were not to have a reporter killed live on air. Never ever go live on the side of a highway. The yellow vest makes it legal, not smart or responsible. Learn from this and see to it that nobody on your staff ever does it again.

jhudson - 2/25/2015 8:34 PM
0 Votes
This is why reporters should not stop on a slick road to talk about a slick road. Yep, its bad, stay home. You don't have to do what your telling others not to do. He might have gotten distracted because of the report.

marilynh - 2/25/2015 8:27 PM
0 Votes
It is always better to be safe when it comes to our children! The back roads get bad so quick! High school has kids driving too! I had rather have to make up a snow day than for a child to be injured or even worse killed trying to get home!

silvergirl - 2/23/2015 7:21 PM
0 Votes
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Even prominent people have ugly secrets, they just don’t get told as often. Maybe this man’s arrest will save some poor kid from a similar fate.

susan - 2/23/2015 6:43 PM
0 Votes
cat found.

Richie 24 - 2/21/2015 4:56 PM
0 Votes
Spell check needed on the spelling of the city Chattanooga as you introduced the story

tatertot - 2/20/2015 5:45 PM
0 Votes
'Sunset over Lookout Mountain' I took this on the side of the freeway at 24 and 4th ave.........
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