Costs of Unionizing Volkswagen

Volkswagen employees have to decide if they want to unionize. On Thursday, workers and members of the public heard reasons why they should reject the union...

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Scott - 7/19/2013 9:32 PM
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Most of the people that are against unions, are already wealthy. Shareholders represent themselves and most republican politicians. Unless you are a regular employee, you would not know how overworked and underpaid the VW staff is. Now, I am speaking about first hand experience. To explain further, Supplier Park is the most labor intensive place to work, ever. Civil Rights are being violated everyday. The employees have no rights or representation at all. Chattanoogan's are hard workers and want to do a good job. But there is no job security in Supplier Park at all, unless you are related to someone in management. The turnover rate is more than 80%. If management think that you have a chance to climb the corporate latter, you are immediately terminated. Also, racial profiling is a normal occurrence. Minorities have to be so much better than their Caucasian counterpart and still will not qualify for the position. Now I have witnessed first hand, racial destruction on the job. Yes, the good ole boy network is alive and growing@VW. I also wonder if the local media is choosing sides? I hope that one day the other side of the story gets told. Someone in media, please give me a chance to state true facts about unions at VW and supplier park. Thanks

David - 7/19/2013 7:03 AM
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Unions were formed by groups of people who were misled and mistreated by their employers. Unsafe working conditions and forced overtime without additional pay among other things, drove the workers to unite and demand certain things from their employers. Flash forward to the twenty first century where we now have the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration, workman’s compensation insurance, time and a half pay if you work over forty hours and countless other government regulations like Affirmative Action and unemployment benefits and you will quickly realize that the conditions from which the unions were born no longer exist. In fact, the unions have been hijacked by self serving politicians who manipulate the union members and intimidate the employers by extorting additional pay and benefits from them. The Detroit based auto industry is a prime example. The unions not only bankrupt the auto industry but the city of Detroit itself. Is that what we want here in Chattanooga?
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