Local NAACP Chapter Response To George Zimmerman Verdict

The local NAACP Chapter in Chattanooga-Hamilton County releases statement on George Zimmerman verdict.

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David - 7/16/2013 6:58 AM
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Dear NAACP, If the Trayvon Martin case is the best example you have for profiling and stereotyping than I suggest that you dissolve your association. You have reached the point where you are simply creating problems in order to justify your own existence. You are no longer advancing anything other than racism and strife as you continually try to beat down an open door. You have outlived your usefulness. If someone from a neighborhood watch group stopped and questioned me while I was walking home from the store, I would thank them for for being concerned enough to take time out of their day to provide a little extra security for me and my family. Apparently, Trayvon Martin didn’t appreciate it. Not only did he not appreciate it, he took it one step farther by assaulting Mr. Zimmerman. Yes, I do believe that George Zimmerman saw a young black male in a hoodie and suspected that he was a thug, and judging by Trayvon’s actions, he was correct. The bottom line is this, being profiled does not give you the right to physically assault someone. On the contrary, if you feel you have been wrongfully stereotyped, why not show the person how wrong they are by elevating your attitude and response to a more dignified level? Responding with violence only proves that you weren’t stereotyped in the first place.
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