Congratulations to our Fabulous Father's Day Dads Finalists! We think all of our nominated Dads are Winners! Click on each picture below to read their story.
Jeffrey, Myrtle Beach SC  06-09-13
Jeffrey is great served in the united army, married 2 twins, suffered mental problems, always kept his faith and also due to fathers death and his grandmother he survived overseas. He kept his family always in mind and also adopted his wife's daughter to make a great family. We need more support for our troops and also good therapy programs for rehab. We here in the US have no respect for the troops. As for my self I have lost my mother even during this he managed to be with me this is a great father and son I am so grateful. Please all pray for all the troops keep us safe. For the best dad on earth and son.

Glenn, Jasper TN  06-09-13
My dad is a great dad. He is a disabled army veteran. Just about every night that I stay with him at his house we watch movies with our Shih Tzu Gracie. He loves Gracie and I very much. He cares about me very very much. My dad should definitely be nominated as a great dad.

Vernon, LaFayette GA  06-09-13
My daddy has been the best dad anyone could ever wish for. Growing up, he and my mom were always the parents that everyone dreams of having. We vacationed every year, fished together, and played badminton, softball, grilled out, and did everything else together as a family. About 14 years ago, my mom passed away unexpectedly at the age of 50. My dad, sister and I were devastated. My dad stayed strong and held my family together. He is always there for me when I need him, always ready to help fix my car or fix anything that tears up around my house. I'm sure the thoughts of momma never leave his mind but he keeps on going. I can't imagine losing my dad, as I call him daily just to talk about my life, hear about his and get some good advice on choices I need to make. I love him and respect him and know that he is the best dad anyone could ever ask for. Please select him as a very well respectable, deserving Father. Thank you.

Allen, Rock Spring GA  06-06-13
I don't just celebrate my Daddy on Father's Day. I celebrate him on Mother’s Day as well, because since I was 11 years old, that's who he's had to be. It takes a special man to change his whole life to support his little girl by himself. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 15 years old. That was the first time I seen my tough Daddy cry. Looking over at him with tears in his eyes, I've never forgotten his words, "We're in this together Hun." And we were. Every injection I took, he took a "practice injection." It didn't hurt any less, but to know there was someone willing to be there for me no matter what… That's a father. I have this amazing life now, because of my Daddy. I am now a 24 year old Christian Woman, College graduate, married to a wonderful man, and expecting a baby any day now. When I say my prayers at night, I pray I’m half the Mother my Father was.

David, Ooltewah TN  06-06-13
My Dad is a one of a kind dad. He is always here for me. And has raised other children that wasn't his nor my moms he has loved us all as though everyone belong to him. My dad has been a hero for all of us. Anyone can be a Father but it takes a real man to love and raise other people's children. On that note my dad should be chosen to win the best of the best for Fathers Day.

Jonathan, Chickamauga GA  06-05-13
Jon is a outstanding man he is a father of one daughter age 10. 5 years ago I met him. He is the love of my life. He took on me and my three kids. He is a very hard worker he drives all the way to Cartersville to work just to be able to support us. We recently got married on April 20 2013. When our new marriage took on a life change for us all. Ten days after we got married I received a call that there had been a accident that jon was hurt to get to Floyd hospital asap. I got to the hospital to find my husband had lost three fingers in a machine at work he had to have emergency surgery. He is doing a lot better now; still in a lot of pain but to despite what has happened to him he is still in good spirits and refuses to let it get him down. He is a outstanding father and husband and he deserves to win this. Thank you so much.

Dwayne, Chatsworth GA  06-05-13
My Dad does a lot of things with our family. We love to go places and spend family time together. We play games, have acorn battles in the fall and just have fun. He teaches me to respect my Mom and all people and treat ladies nice. Most of all he makes me and Mom laugh a lot. I love my Dad and hope he can win these nice things, he works very hard. I am only 12 years old but know how lucky I am to have a good family and Dad. Thank you.

Juan, Dalton GA  06-1-13
I'm nominating my son-n-law. He is one of the best Father's I have seen in a long time. He was raised by his Grandmother and did not have a Father figure in his life. His has two children a son, Jaxon, 5yrs old and a daughter, Jadyn, 2 yrs old and a baby due in Jan. He has been a great example for his children. He works hard to provide for his family and attends church with his family. He tries to make sure that his children are raised with God as his leader to lead him in the right direction. He and my daughter coach their son's football, basketball and t-ball team. He always takes time for his Children. He works 12 hour swing shifts. The days he is off work he keeps his children at home with him. I'm so proud of him, he is more of a son than a son-n-law. He has done such a great job to make sure he does what is best for his family. For a Man that grew up without a father or a steady father figure he has turned out to be an AWESOME DAD. His son will tell you he is AWESOME and COOL. I think he deserves some recognition for what he has done with his life and his family. He would tell you he is not special, but he is a very special Man.

Al, Cleveland TN,  05-31-13
I am an only child and I have an awesome dad. A few years ago I went through a separation and consequent divorce. My dad stepped in and helped with my two sons and has continued to be a grandfather and father figure. I have always been a daddy's girl and he has always been there for me. We are very good friends and always have been. This year he has given of himself to home school my children, I had been doing it but got overwhelmed so like always he stepped in to help. He is always there and has always worked hard for our family. He and my mom have been married for over 40 years. He does his best to be there for all of us while giving time to work at church. He is my rock, I lean on him a lot. He gives and never stops, even through pain and tiredness he drives on to bring adventure and fun into our lives. I have the best dad in the world. I know that he may not always agree with what I do, but he has always and will always love me no matter what.

Johnny, Bridgeport, AL  05-28-13
He is the best Father anybody could want as a Daddy. He is there when you need him and even if you don't. I love my Daddy with all my heart. I wish that everyone had a Daddy like him. A few years ago he had a stroke and a blood clot on his brain and I thought that I was going to lose him but God said that it wasn't his time and gave me some more time to love my Daddy. I think he's the best Daddy in the world because still working taking care of the elderly. I just want him to know how much I love him for being there for me and my family. I really do hope he has a chance of winning. It will let the whole world to no how much I love him. My Daddy has did great things for me and I give him all the credit for raising a great daughter and taking time with his grandkids and great-grandkids. You couldn't ask for a wonderful FATHER.

Herbert, Chattanooga TN  05-28-13
My Poppa is 84 years old, but you would never know it by the way he acts. He has had a pacemaker for almost 3 years now and has fought and won his battle against Prostate cancer. Neither of these has slowed him down. He just retired from work in December of 2012. He works in the yard, plays with his Grand children and Great-Grandchildren just as he did with us, his 3 daughters when we were little. He shows us by his actions how we should be as adults. All of his "kids" Love and adore him. He always tries to find the good in everyone. He smiles most all of the time. He hardly has to raise his voice for anything except to be heard over all of the noise all of us make. Poppa is hard of hearing and sometimes we have to raise our voice for him to hear us. I cannot say enough about him, there is just not enough room here, but talk to any of his "kids" and they will tell you the same thing. We all love and respect Poppa (Pop-Pop).

Chris, Hixson TN  05-24-13
My dad is my rock, he's always been there for me through the good and bad. He has served over 20 years in the Air National Guard and has been deployed twice. He is my personal superhero. He will give the shirt off his back to anyone who needs it, and asks for nothing in return. He has taught me many things, but mostly that kindness and generosity are extremely important. He is a father figure to not only me and my step brother, but also some of our friends. He will take anyone under his wing. He is the definition of a fabulous father.

Tommy, Chattanooga TN  05-23-13
I'd like to nominate my dad, Tommy, because he has helped me so much more than I give him credit for. When times get tough, or financially difficult, he's always there to help me, and never asks for a thing in return. He and my mother also adopted me when I was 3 months old, and I instantly became a daddy's girl. He suffered a tragic loss when she passed away in 2007. He became so lost and unsure of where to turn for answers or support. But there I was to help him, as he had helped me so many times before, and we managed to pull through the rough waters together. I've never met someone as generous and so full of love as my own father. Nor could I think of a better candidate to nominate for this special recognition. He's the first man I ever loved, hugged, told my secrets to, danced with, cried on, and the only one, without a doubt, who will love me, unconditionally, until the end of eternity. I love you dad. With all of my heart.

Jon, Ringgold GA  05-23-13
THIS MAN IS THE FATHER OF MY CHILDREN! He may not be their real father but I couldn't ask for a more loving, caring, honest, dependable father for my 2 beautiful girls. He has been a blessing in our lives and will continue to be a blessing. My babies love him more than life itself and cherish the ground he walks on. He did not have to come into out lives and accept my children and at that take the part in being a WONDERFUL BLESSED FATHER! I want the whole world to know I never ever got to experience my children's fathers in their lives but glad they chose to stay away bc now I have a man whom takes 100% responsibility as a father to these baby girls! So please give this award to this MAN! We love u very much daddy!

Ryan, Chattanooga TN  05-23-13
My daddy is the best daddy in the whole world! He became my daddy on September 5th at 8:30 in the morning! It was a great day until my mommy got very sick after I was born. I was just an hour old and doctors and nurses had to take care of mommy and give her a lot of medicine. She developed a serious form of preeclampsia called HELLP Syndrome and was in very bad shape. So, it was just me and Daddy for a while! He held me all night, changed my first diapers, and even fed me for the first time because Mommy couldn't. The next few weeks, he took care of me and Mommy day and night. He is superman! Now that Mommy is all better (whew!) he works just as hard. He sure is a hands on dad! He lets Mommy sleep in when I wake up super early, he plays with me and teaches me things all the time, dresses and changes me, and he even carries me in the baby carrier even though he looks silly! His entire life is dedicated to his family. He works at as school counselor at a middle school during the day helping kids and then comes home and helps mommy with me. If it weren't for him, me and Mommy would have had a very rough beginning and he continues to make every single day beautiful. I am so lucky to have him!

Danny, Trenton GA  05-23-13
I had my daughter in 2012. Danny has always been there for her and he is a prize of a father. I would love to see him nominated for being a new father, for being there and the fact that he loves his daughter very much. He is always working hard to make life better for us all.

Bill, Soddy Daisy TN  05-23-13
Bill is my amazing husband and a father of three. He married me (even with all of my emotional baggage, including mourning a deceased child) and loved my 2 kids from a previous marriage enough to adopt them. We added a baby to make us a family of five. As they say, anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy, and he is definitely special. He hasn't done anything particularly amazing, but is just an all around good guy. He helps around the house, doesn't have to be asked twice to play Barbies with the girls or build trains with our son, doesn't flinch when it's time to change a diaper. You know, all the things a good dad is supposed to do! Just the other night, he was up at 3am, cleaning up vomit in the bathroom, which happens from time to time when you've got kids (and a sick wife!) and then went to work the next day. That's just how he is; one of those guys who just does everything right. He puts up with all of our crazy personalities and isn't afraid to join in with singing songs on the radio at the top of our lungs or dancing in the kitchen while dinner is being made. He just makes everyone's life better - more fun, more secure, more educational, and more loved. I'll never be able to fully express how much I appreciate him coming into our lives and making them go from just getting by to simply amazing. I wake up every day happy and thankful that he is the one God chose to be the father of my children and wondering what exactly I did to deserve such an awesome person in my life and the lives of my children.

Jerry, Niota TN  05-23-13
I would like to nominate my husband, Jerry, on behalf of my children. Jerry came into our lives at a point when I was trying to escape an abusive marriage. He stepped in and is a wonderful father to my kids. He loves them as his own. He raised his own boys by himself. Now he helps me raise my kids. He shows them what a good father is and what kind of father they need. He drives a school bus and cares for those kids and he works for a baseball organization and spends a lot of time on the ball field. I absolutely admire the kind heart he has when it comes to kids. I will never thank him enough for being the father my kids need. If he got chosen for this honor, it would be great for him to be recognized.

Steven, Chattanooga TN  05-20-13
My Dad works all the time. He worked 3rd shift while my Mom worked 1st shift so I could be home schooled. When my Mom had heart surgery he changed jobs so he could work 2nd shift so he could be home with us at night and still keep up my schooling. I have been home schooled since Kindergarten and now I'm in third grade. He always helps around the house along with keeping the yard mowed and helps my Grandmother when she needs him. He is very involved with everything I do and makes sure I practice my piano and recorder every day. He makes sure I get to choir practice on time every Sunday. My Dad holds me when I am scared and helps when I am sick. I love my Dad very much and I think he is the greatest.

Daniel, Rossville GA  05-19-13
My Husband and Father of my children works non stop to provide for our family he helps everyone but himself. He is the most inspiring man I know. He came from a rough up bringing and vowed the day we had our first son that his children would never have to live through the things he did. To this day my children may not have everything they want but they have more than they could ever need. He is loving, kind trustworthy & a very providing spouse and Father. We couldn't ask for more and thats why I believe he would truly deserve to win! In between working all the time he still finds the time to support our children in anything they want to do such as sports programs and Church. He is an amazing Father! I could go on all day about him! We love him very much and are truly blessed!

Matt, Hixson TN  05-18-13
I nominate ....Matthew. He is a longtime employee of Unum. There's a lot of people who know what a terrific guy and amazing father he is, I do believe his first Father's Day was spent at T.C.Thompsons Children's Hospital. His daughter was born with a very rare lung disease which lead to a lung transplant. Matt goes above and beyond what a lot of fathers would ever think of, he helps in every area of the care of his daughter. Which can be very challenging at times because he works for such a good company he was able to be with his wife and child while awaiting transplant in Houston and still worked via Internet from hospital. That was over 2 years ago. His daughter and I still joke about her dada being at work making "baby food money".. Lol... I can tell you He lives his little girl very much and is a fabulous father and worthy of this prize and Father of the year!

Barry, Hixson TN  05-17-13
Barry has been a wonderful, kind and generous dad to more than 11 boys and one adopted daughter. He was in foster care for children ages 5-18. He treated all the boys as his own and treated the 'job' as just part of the daily life and routine any father would. He did not take the official days off as real parents to not have days off. He included all the boys on his personal vacation as well. They did their part and sold 'stuff' to raised money so there would be enough to have a good time on the yearly trip to Florida. The average time for house parents in full time foster care was 18 months at the time - Barry stayed almost 6 years. He has formed relationships that lasted as he still sees a few of his boys that live in the area and he continues to celebrate birthdays and holidays together. He did not birth these children but continues to treat them and love them as his own. He is amazing.

Rick, Chattanooga TN  05-15-13
If there's one word to describe my father it is servant. My dad has never declined an offer to help anyone. He strives every day to work his hardest and serve anyone whose need help. Whatever the task, he is more than willing to jump on it. HE has taught me the importance or serving others, and what it means to be a hard worker. I brag on him daily for his hardworking personality and perseverance. I love him so much and wish everyone could have him as a father!

Kelvin, Hixson TN  05-15-13
My husband has always been a great husband and father. He still helps my daughter with her college work. A particular story that stands out in my mind is when our daughter was in 3rd grade and was very studious and loved school, he mistakenly threw her homework away during his cleaning up and took the trash out to our apt dumpster. Next morning when she was attempting to locate it and get to school and became very nervous and upset. He realized what he had done and ran outside at 7 in the morning, climbed in the dumpster and found our bag of garbage and dug her paper out. I wished I would've gotten a picture (lol).

Dallas, Georgetown, TN  05-14-13
My sister and I have been very fortunate to have a father that is there whenever needed (for hugs, cries, boyfriend problems, mowing our yard, etc.). His father left him and his brothers when my dad was 3 yrs old so I think, because of not having a father, he was determined not to do as his father did and he is great to us!!!

Andy, Chattanooga TN  05-13-13

My husband is a great man and a wonderful father. He works two jobs to provide for our family.
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Latest Comments
amurphy87 - 5/28/2015 10:56 PM
0 Votes
If you see an unknown dog in your yard and it starts to growl you might try to shoo it a way, you might call the police, but a veteran might think to go for his gun first. Right, wrong? It's hard to say, but that's why you don't let your dogs just roam the neighborhood.

marilynh - 5/28/2015 1:05 PM
0 Votes
I believe the man who shot this dog ought to have more sense than to shoot a gun for the reason he gave. I do not believe that he was in any danger and just wanted to shoot the dog! He ought to be ashamed. Instead of the police warning him about firing his rifle and being careful, they ought to be worried about the people and children in the area if he is stupid enough to do this!

DJ TENN NYC - 5/27/2015 11:09 PM
0 Votes
I know this so well. bullied every day of my life 79-83 at Polk County High School while faculty and staff looked the other way. Locker trashed, car vandalized , verbal abuse physical assaults 6 stitches to the head, you name it.. I went to that same school as Dr Jones and I would like to say to him in a public forum that here today in 2015 would be a really good time for you to come out of the closet and take a stand against bullying as the SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT with 2 dead kids on your hands even if it costs you your job and most of your fake pious churched up "friends" & even if your "leaders" have passed a law making it perfectly legal to bully people in school as part of your "Religious Freedoms". Again Im reminded that not everyone can take a stand though,and that's whats wrong with America , most people hide behind a title and wads of cash and just fake it as the bodies pile up & young lives are PERMANENTLY destroyed.. I wish I could have talked to those kids and told them that in 5 years none of these redneck scumbags would matter and that you can go anywhere and do anything you want to in life while the bullies are sitting in Copper Basin like the pack of obese inbred hogs they are making peoples lives as miserable as their own. my heart goes out to these kids and their families. we as a nation have learned NOTHING from Colombine & 20 yrs later school shootings don't even make front page headlines anymore and are as common & banal as a Big Mac. Sickening. Shame on the schools , the bullies the parents that raise bullies all of you SHAME. Jesus hates your bigotry and your bullying WAKE UP AMERICA

labbylane - 5/27/2015 9:20 PM
0 Votes
I personally know this family and their 4 legged children I have taken care of their dogs for many years. Lobo doesn't growl he doesn't have a mean bone in his body!! Both dogs are afraid of their own shadow! All that man had to do was bang on something! Shooting him was not an option!!! Any animal lover would of never shot a dog! Justice for Lobo!

kranberi - 5/27/2015 6:31 PM
0 Votes
No words. I know how it feels to be bullied to the point of doing anything to avoid school. The fact this beautiful child felt she had no other option is truly heartbreaking. These kids need to know THEY are not the ones with the problems; it's the BULLIES who have the issues and insecurities; that's why they feel they have to act so poorly. Respect and compassion start at HOME; if bullying kids haven't been taught common courtesies at home, HOW can we expect a school staff to teach them? That's Mom and\or Dad's job--let's put responsibility where it belongs! How can you expect a school staff to police these kids? They are knowledge-wielding educators, not gun-toting militia! All they can really do is counsel the parents and students involved--I don't see how school politics would allow for much of anything else. Should you keep a bullied child out of school? That, too, is an unsatisfactory solution. What to do? Aside from forcing parents to be parents, it seems the most effective solution would be to rally the students to stand together and watch out for each other. A bully loses power when others stand up to or ignore him\her. After all, there's no pressure like peer pressure, right? I feel sad for this little girl, her family, AND the school staff--these teachers don't want to see their students hurt any more than the families do!

MIDNIGHTRIDER - 5/24/2015 9:37 PM
0 Votes
This is a step in the right direction to (a) stop bullying in schools in TN & (b) bring attention to the school district's inept leadership. My prayers are with the family of this poor, tormented girl. What happened was totally unnecessary. This, however is just not relegated to Polk County. It's happening all over the state.

edibill - 5/24/2015 5:16 PM
0 Votes
Pit Bulls in themselves may be no more likely to bite than any other breed when kept responsibly but lets face it, the breed is extremely popular with a segment of society that isn't the most socially responsible. Civil litigation against most of these people is a waste of time. So if making the breed illegal will mean fewer knuckleheads will be able to own, mistreat and poorly supervise then that will lead to fewer dog bites and less danger to the public.

tnsnowangel - 5/22/2015 8:02 AM
0 Votes
It's actually $10 Off $20. :-)

mamac - 5/21/2015 4:09 PM
0 Votes
Well, STUPID PEOPLE are going to be stupid. I have been burglarized 5 times people stealing from me and my family. We work hard for what little crap we have and for a THIEF to come up in my yard and take what he wants to feed his dope habit.Yes, I say if they steal cut there hands off. And if you need to feed your family instead of stealing a loaf of bread why not ASK for it. Cause even if you are going to steal a loaf of bread to feed your family well if you die is it worth going to hell for? Much less being a example to your kids and others..Is that the kind of examples hey we are hungry kids lets go steal a loaf of bread, yep way to teach kids( hmm so is thats what wrong with the world? thank so)And to anybody hurting animals yea throw them under the jail and never let them see day light....It don't look like humans as any Compassion for each other and animals....Im 44 years old and haven't been in trouble with the law and haven't had a speeding ticket like in 23 years . And it isn't hard to be a law biding citizen..

U2ART - 5/21/2015 1:10 PM
0 Votes
Mercedes Benz leaving NJ had nothing to do with taxes. According to M-B President who masterminded the move last December, “Tax incentives mean almost nothing when you’re making a decision for the next 50 years and beyond. They have zero impact on the business case,”......... it was quality of life and a supportive business community that drew the company. Consider that M-B just signed L. Hamilton for the next three years for $140 million. This just shows that the tax savings in the move to GA is nothing more than pocket change for M-B and clearly there were bigger reasons for leaving as M-B President has clearly pointed out. So, apparently, Mr. Cannon does not feel NJ offers a good for quality of life or a positive business community. I disagree....I've been to Montvale...nice place...great location....close to Manhattan, close to Catskills and Poconos...lots of great schools and history nearby, including West Point....why do you think my friend Mary decided to move America's #1 Automotive brand nearby to NY? Atlanta is nice, but nothing beats NYC and the surrounding areas. And why would Mr. Cannon want to move out of New Canaan unless he was moving to Greenwich...or perhaps to nearby Bedford where Bruce Willis just bought a home? Perhaps there were some recent bad experiences that MB management needed to flush out and decided that a move was the cleanest solution. They did keep the legal team in case the employees that were not given an opportunity to move realize the move was more of a personal preference for management not to have to deal with old luggage.
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