Audra, Trion GA  05-10-13
My Mom Does Everything. There's Nothing She Can't Do. If It Wasn't For Her I Wouldn't Be Here Right Now. She Cleans, She Cooks, She Helps Me With Everything. She Is The Strongest Person I Know. I Love My Mom.

Evelyn, Chattanooga TN  05-10-13
My mother-in-law is the best, she is always looking out for her children, grandchildren and every one else's needs before her own. She won't stop until she feels that she has done all that is humanly possible to make everybody else comfortable, be it food or physical service to others, she is a very loving and special mother.

Jodi, Chattanooga TN  05-10-13
My mother is the best mom in the world here is why...She cooks,cleans,gives great advice I don't know what I would do without her she's always there for me and that's why I nominated her. I LOVE YOU MOMMY!

Lindsay, Ringgold GA  05-10-13
This Woman is a Modern day super MOM! She is God's gift to me and an Inspiration to anyone she meets! She has had a tough run throughout her life, and only deserves the best! She loves you all at WDEF and watches daily and I DON'T know of any better person or Gift that she could receive as the gift from you great people!!

Winona, Trenton GA  05-10-13
My mother is a beautiful, selfless woman. Ever since she adopted me at the age of three months old, her whole life has been dedicated to me. She took me in, knowing I was sick and that the pediatricians said I would be lucky to see one, and never thought twice about it. Even with the impending medical bills and risks, she didn't give up on me. No matter what she has been through in her own life, her courage and determination shine through. She has taught me to never give up on what I love, even if the road seems rough. And her faith has never wavered, urging me to want to be a Godly woman like she is. She has loved me and never once stopped rooting me on and letting me know she was there for me. Someday I hope to be half the woman and mother she is.

Brenda, Cleveland TN  05-09-13
My sister, Brenda, deserves a big pat on the back for many reasons :) As a "young" 65 year old mother/wife/grandmother/sister & friend she has certainly had a positive influence on those she has encountered! After surviving a wreck, she returned to school to complete her nursing degree & worked in the pediatric field for many years. She also is the proud wife of a retired police detective & is now playing the role of "Granny" to her daughter's children. She has blessed people with her singing & is the only remaining female sibling/mother figure in my family. I am blessed to be a part of her and deeply feel she exhibits the true meaning of the word, Mother.

Stephanie, Sewanee TN  05-09-13
My mother had her first child, my older sister Sethi, when she was fifteen! She has made it through the struggles of a teenage pregnancy. Later, at eighteen, she met my father. He had two kids of his own, Anna and Jesse. It takes a great woman to raise kids that are not her own, but this is only the beginning. My parents moved on to have my twin sister, Allie, and me. Eventually, Sethi had a boyfriend. After his mom practically abandoned him to state custody, my mom fought for a long time to gain custody of him. We won. Now, we had a house of four girls, two boys, and two parents. She has raised us all to be caring, intelligent, and successful people. Not only us, but she is naturally a mother to many of our friends who are in need of guidance. When she is needed, she is there. Even when something seems impossible, she always pulls through. She is an extraordinary woman with a giant, loving heart. I don't think any of our family or close family friends could thank her enough.

Kristen, Chickamauga GA  05-09-13
She is so wonderful at being a home mom of four and planning our wedding last month. Then ten days later after I lost three fingers in a work accident. She has had more than anyone should bear on her plate. Taking our kids plus neighbors kids(three extra)to bus making sure they have ate, homework, house work, now me on top of it all. WOW! "How does she do it" "I LOVE YOU SOO VERY MUCH KRISTEN"

Rose, Ringgold GA  05-08-13
At 3 years old my parents were told I had diabetes. The doctor told them to lock me up and throw away the key. My Mother told him no that I was her daughter and she loved me. After 20 years of diabetes I ended up in kidney failure. In 1997 I was put on dialysis 3 times a week. My Mother drove me to the clinic and sat with me for 12 hours for a 3 hour treatment. After I was put on dialysis I was put on the transplant list. On April 15, 1998 at 9:50 pm I received a call from Emory hospital that they had a match for me. My Mother and brother drove me to Atlanta that night. My Mother stayed with me in the hospital for weeks until I went home. After I went home Mom drove me to Atlanta 3 times a week for about 2 months. My Mother has never left my side, even after I got married. She now works at Brainerd High School teaching and giving to others people's children. When a student needs help for whatever reason she is there to help the best she can. She feeds, clothes, and supports a lot of students. She has always given and never asked for anything in return. This is just a little bit of what my Mother has done and continues to do. She is a wonderful woman and a even more WONDERFUL Mother. I love her very much and think she deserves a wonderful Mothers day. However I cannot give it to her myself even though I wish I could. Being sick again and raising a 7 year old son I cannot give her the things I wish I could. I LOVE YOU MOM!

Lindsay, Niota TN  05-07-13
I would like to nominate my wife, Lindsay. We met at a really rough time in her life. She was in the process of getting out of an abusive marriage. She has since then suffered 2 brain tumors and countless other health troubles. She drives a school bus. She spends a lot of time showing each child she encounters daily love and compassion that some may otherwise never get. She is currently having to battle for her kids' safety from a horrible situation. Although we do not have children together, she is a fantastic mom to my step-children. They are truly blessed to have her and she needs the recognition she deserves!!

Missi, Tunnel Hill GA 05-06-13
Missi is my youngest daughter. She is the proud Mother of two boys, Will 9 and Brantley 17 months. Being married for 12 years she has been an excellent role model for each child she comes in contact with. Whether at Tunnel Hill Elementary School, where she serves as PTO President or one of the 3 sports she either coaches or helps with being "team Mom" she devotes her time to seeing that each child is treated fairly and building their self confidence. At 8 months pregnant she was coaching 8 year olds basketball. After a Cesarian birth with her second child, she was back coaching 4 days later! Children who were never interested much in sports find out she, her husband Zane, friends, Clint Russell, and Tyson Starks are coaching, they all of a sudden want to sign up, only if they can be on their team! She gives of her time to any family member or friend anytime! Losing her Grandmother in September of 2012 has made her stronger and more determined to be the best parent she can be. She says both me, her Mother, and her Grandmother instilled those qualities in her which she hopes to pass along not to only her children but to those she works with. Currently she is working on her degree while working in food service at a local church ChildCare. This summer she will be working with the Whitfield County Schools in the food program that makes sure children get a good meal daily while they are out for summer break! She is an inspiration to all those who know her!

Donna, Chattanooga TN  05-06-13
As a professional, my mom taught for 24 years in special education and kindergarten after changing career paths earlier in life. She retired in 2011, and soon after, decided to dedicate her time to serving the needs of children, families, and teachers in Hamilton County by holding a position on the school board. In addition, as a lover of animals, she still somehow manages to squeeze in time to volunteer at the Humane Educational Society. She has had an impact on hundreds throughout the years, but I can honestly say that she has affected me (and my two sisters) the most. Everything she does is centered around helping others in a way that I can only hope to emulate. I could not have asked for a better teacher, mentor, and friend.

Angie, Fort Oglethorpe, GA  05-06-13
My mom is amazing to everyone. She took care of all of her 5 kids while she was working a full time job. She has always sacrificed everything for us kids and got us anything we want. She is always sweet and always has a smile on her face. Through everything she has been through, I think she deserves to win. I just think she is one of the best people I know! She does everything and anything for everyone. She'll help anyone as best as she can! She would be so surprised if she won! She doesn't even know I nominated her!(: I love her so much and she's just the best mom someone could ever have! (:

Barbara, Tunnel Hill GA  05-06-13
The story that influences me about my mother, Barbara Johnson, is that she is what I would call an everyday hero. She works so hard to please everyone that she often forgets about herself. She is an amazing wife, a mother of two, my brother and me, a grandmother of 5, ages 13 to 9, and a caretaker of my 90 year old grandmother and disabled uncle. Through all the everyday appointments, cleaning, Medicare and insurance management, and everything else, we can count on her to be there if she is needed no matter how tired she may be. I can’t think of a more deserving person to receive such a wonderful gift basket. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share the love I have for my Miraculous Mother. She is definitely one of a kind!

Sher, Chattanooga TN 05-06-13
My mom has always made sure that what ever I wanted to get involved in she has made sure I was able to be there. At an early age she began to teach me about helping others. We have been involved with nursing homes, the homeless, and other community projects. She has also taught me how to run my own business and to save and keep accounts with my money. I am home schooled which gives me lots of opportunities to be involved in many projects. These time she provides out of her own time. She never complains about all the road trips and has shown me how to love others. She is the best!

Ruth, Lafayette GA  05-05-13
I want to nominate my mom. We all have story to tell about having to great moms and to all of us we all do. My mother worked a full time job raising four kids and having to take trip to take care of her parents every weekend from Lafayette to Oak Ridge, TN to take care of her blind mother and her disabled father and did the same for her sister when she came down with cancer until her passing. After getting laid from her job she wanted to go to back to school for nursing and after getting close to getting finished her classes, we got the news my father was dying with cancer. Having to post her schooling to take care of him, she started to have to feeling ill her self, not saying any thing to keep us from worry about her until his passing, We find out she has had cancer with treatments, she has be clear for two years now and she is my Hero!

Heather, Rossville GA  05-04-13
Heather is a single mom, who has never received child support. Yet she has raised her son for 8+ years on her own. She makes sure each year that he has a wonderful birthday and Christmas with no support from agencies. She works every day. Yet she still finds the time to help me with her 23 yr old sister who is totally handicapped. She even arranged a trip for us to St. Augustine, FL. Arranging for her sister to be taken care of here at home by a family friend, the trip included excursions with my grandson to area attractions, making memories that will last a lifetime. She made sure that I was given the break I so desperately needed from the long years of struggling to take care of her and her sister. I returned revived, rejuvenated and relaxed, ready to once again take up the mantle. Heather personifies the word "Mother". Always giving to others, making their lives better! I am proud to be her mom!

Shirley, Soddy Daisy TN  05-02-13
My moms journey started when I was born at 6 mo. premature and handicapped, with problems of no end. 4 yrs later a son, a diabetic. All of this didn't stop mom. She has to treat us as being doctor, nurse and a 24 hour caregiver. She never takes a vacation or time for pleasure for herself. She always has me beside her. My brother is in heaven now, but mom still goes on with all the ups and downs. This is why I would like for her to be recognized for being that special mom to the 4 of us.

Deane, Cleveland TN  05-02-13
My mother is the mother of 3 kids, including myself, and a grandmomma to 3 grandchildren, one is waiting for her in Heaven. She is my best friend. My mother has tried to raise us to have good morals that will help us in life. She always does without so that her children and grandchildren can have things. I know that myself and others could call her in the drop of a hat and she would be there if possible, no matter what. I would love to see her honored in some way.

Kathy, Hixson TN  05-01-13
I want to nominate my Grandma. My Mom was in a car accident when I was three that left her quadriplegic. My Gram stepped in to keep us together. She left her career to take care of my Mom and me. She is my second Mom. She helps me with school and my homework. And baseball is our favorite together time. She is my number 1 fan. And she does it all by herself. I think she is pretty special. Thank you for letting me share her for a minute.

Rhonda, Chatsworth GA  05-01-13
I would like to nominate my daughter because she made the ultimate sacrifice to take care of her son who was born with cystic fibrosis and multiple holes in his heart which required surgery at 6 months. He was trached and vent dependent for 28 months and spent the first 367 days of his life in the hospital before coming home for the first time.  He still requires 24/7 care with new diagnosis such as seizures and diabetes and an enlarged aortic root(heart) and thyroid problems. He requires so much care that Rhonda goes to school with him and stays at the school with him until he gets ready to go home. At this time, he has a feeding tube and is on IV antibiotics at home that requires my daughter to get up at 6am to start his IVs at 6:30am and off and on until 1:00am for 14 days. My daughter's whole world revolves around him. He is her whole world.

Jane, Chattanooga TN  05-01-13
My mom is the mother of 2 kids, me and my older brother and the grandmother to 3 beautiful girls. As a new mom to a 2 1/2 month old, I have learned so much from my mom, like how to be a friend to others and my daughter, how to listen, respect, love, kindness and so much more. She has always encouraged me to do my best in everything and has been there to pick me up when I feel as though I have failed. She has helped me deal with my depression and post partum depression in ways I can never repay her for. She has spent the last 2 years taking her step father to the VA and Nashville monthly for chemo and helping him out with the house after her mom died. There is so much I would love to say about my mom and her amazingness but this would turn into a novel. She is my angel and I would love for everyone else to know how wonderful she is. I can only pray to be that kind of friend and mom to my daughter.

Tammy, Dalton GA  05-01-13
My wife of 25 years has bean the best thing to happen to me. She has given me my miracle child, that has grown up to serve our country that we are both so proud of and love so much. I would love to show her how much she is loved on Mothers Day and her birthday.

Kaye, East Ridge TN  04-30-13
My mother is a wonderful mother of 4 Kids and 6 Grandkids. She would do anything for her family. She worked a full time job while raising 4 kids and my father but yet still put a full dinner on the table. Before her time to retire she had to quit her full time job to take care of her ill father who had to have full time live in care. She took him in until his passing for 4 years. She then allowed me to work and kept my daughter full time after my divorce so I could save on daycare. She did this for 5 years. She went back to work helping school kids but then had to quit that too due to being diagnosed with Leukemia she has survived this now for 10.5 years but still has to fight this. She just turned 70 and is working hard to help her grandkids really understand how important Family really is. My MOM is my Rock and I don't know what I would do without her.

Victoria, Chattanooga TN  04-30-13
She has always supported her kids and put their needs above her own. As a single Mother, she works very hard every single day and asks for very little from anyone. She has never been pampered and cared for because she's always taking care of those around her and I believe she deserves it. Thank you.

Sherry, Georgetown TN  04-30-13
My mom retired early so she could be a caregiver to several relatives: her mother, age 79; her 2 aunts, ages 75 and 95; and her mother-in-law, age 88. She never complains about all the trips to the store, doctors, hospital, etc. she has made for/with them. I don't see how she does it all and still care for her own home, kids, health, etc.--just hope I would be able to do the same if needed. She is a true inspiration to her sister and I and we love her for the caring person she is.

Tammy, Chattanooga TN  04-30-13
My mom is a hero. She is a single mom of 3 boys, ages 19, 13 & 11. Both of my brothers are on the Autism Spectrum. She home schools one of my brothers & does everything she can to make things run smoothly. She went through chemotherapy 5 yrs ago, got out of an abusive marriage for our safety & had the strength & courage to start over. She gives everything her all but rarely does anything for herself. She never loses hope that life will get better. I'd love to see her honored in some way. She deserves so much and more! She inspires me that nothing is impossible.

Debbie, Murphy NC  04-28-13
My nomination for Mother's day is my wife for her love for everyone. She is the most wonderful, gentle, caring person I have known. Debbie is patient and yet strong to hold our family together no matter what life throws in our path. She has guidance and comfort for whoever comes her way. Debbie is the most precious gift from God. I know I do not tell her enough but I Love Her.

Karen, Ringgold GA  04-27-13
At a young age I was born with febrile seizures. My mother never gave up on me and stood by my side. The first four years of my life was extremely difficult and heart wrenching; but she never gave up on me. She teaches me and my older sister to live every day to the fullest, and live, laugh and love with all our hearts. Please help me give my mom the mother's day she deserves.

Judy, Fort Oglethorpe GA  04-27-13
My mom has gone through so much trouble to keep me happy. When I was a child my mom and dad and sister and I were in a house fire in Charleston, WV. My sister didn't make it through the fire and my parents got a divorce soon afterwards. My mom raised me by herself for a few years before she met a wonderful man to help support us. She is amazing and I couldn't ask for someone so amazing. She is brave and as my dad has been through many deployments, we help each other. Every year without my sister gets harder but we help each other through it. She is my hero!

Armpernellia, Chattanooga TN  04-26-13
My mom, we call her Net for short, raised seven children; 6 boys and one girl and some of her grandkids get up and cooks three meals a day and a big one every Sunday and take everybody a plate; looks after her sick husband; go cross town to pick up her great grandkids; take them to school and picks them up just about every day; has buried three of her sons; has never met a stranger; does for who ever she can even if it's her last; she 79 years old attends church and is a usher she is truly a jewel to the family.

Daisy, Cleveland TN  04-25-13
My Mother is such a great woman and inspiration. She will be 80 years old in August, and was working full time up until 2010. It seems she has had her share of major health setbacks the last few years, but she keeps on going.
Six years ago, she almost hemorrhaged to death. Two yrs after that, she had a stroke in her eyes. Two years later, she fell and injured her back. Then last year, she had back surgery after debilitating pain. And, this year, she almost hemorrhaged to death again. She gives God all the credit for bringing her through everything. She says God isn't finished with her yet.
Mom came from a large family (there were six boys and six girls). It seems she has become Mom to the younger ones remaining, and to their children and grandchildren. They want to be at Aunt Daisy's for chicken & dumplings and home made chocolate cake.
As I stated before, she is an inspiration, and I love her very much.

Sandra, Ringgold, GA  04-25-13
My Mom is a loving, godly woman. She has 10 children, a husband and father-in-law to keep up with. She keeps up with our appointments and activities. Our ages range from a 1 year old to an 18 year old. She home-schools 7 of us. She also teaches us valuable life lessons. She also takes care of my Grandpa. He had a major surgery about a year and a half ago. She helps keep up his bills and his appointments. She sacrifices so much for us. She is an amazing mom!! I love her so much!!

Mary, Niota TN  04-25-13
She is a wonderful God loving women who has held together her family through thick and thin, hard times, and good. We are blessed to have had a women of her kind rise us up in a world full of hard times. A lady that has given up her time and life to help and love others. Always putting others ahead of herself. Everybody that ever meets this woman loves her and calls her mamaw; as do I. Words can not say enough about her but we love her and think she is the Best!

Betty, Whitwell TN  04-24-13
My Mom is the most giving woman I have ever known my whole life. A mom who lives for her kids even now that we are grown. She still takes care of us. I love her with all my heart and hope that I'm like her. Thanks mom for every thing you have done.

Bernice, Chattanooga TN  04-23-13
My mother is by far the best mother in the world. She has a very caring spirit and she welcomes anybody into her home. She has touched so many lives with her wisdom. She is an encourager and an inspiration to young and single mothers. She raised four daughters to be God-fearing parents to HER PRECIOUS eight grandchildren, 4 girls and 4 boys. She feeds the hungry and clothes those without, she keeps kids of all races and nationality in her home and most times she does not even charge them a babysitting fee, because she understands, she keeps kids with all sorts of problems and concerns and most of the time she is holding, comforting, and singing to them. She gives of herself daily and my sisters and I feel that she needs to be given unto also.

Ginger, Spring City TN  04-22-13
My mom has worked hard for me and my sister our whole lives; gave up things just so we could get the simplest of things. Even while going through college, my mom would get up and drive us to school so we did not have to ride the school bus. In the past year, my mom has been put through the hardest trials and she still fights every day to make me and my dad smile. We lost my sister a year ago and that was my mom's best friend and it has hit her hardest. I am really hoping that you all pick my mom just so we can see her smile and try to make a sad day for her a little better. Thank you mom, I love you.

Teresa, Soddy Daisy TN  04-22-13
My mom has endured so much this past year. I saw her take care of my dad with cancer for the last year. He spent the whole summer in the hospital. My mom never left his side. Still being a mom, my mother was worried how I would eat. There was this day that our food was getting low. My mom didn't want to leave my dad. Yes, I was hungry, but I didn't tell her. I knew my dad's needs were more important. Then the strangest thing happened. A pizza man was standing at the door with a pizza. I told him that I did not order the pizza. He explained to me that the pizza was from my mom. The best part it was paid for. I am a heart patient and I do not drive yet. However, my mom made it possible for me to attend Chattanooga State. Even though my dad was at home and on hospice, she drove me to college this past fall. She also takes me there this semester too. I know she gave up some extra time with dad to make sure I was there on time. It was sad on all of us losing Dad, but now my mom carries on as a mother and father. I sometimes see her cry. I want her to be happy again. My mom deserves this so much. She is Miraculous. My dad always made Mother's Day special for her. I know she will be sad this Mother's day, but she will not let us see her tears. I am hoping you can give my mom the day she deserves. Even if she doesn't win, I will give my Mom a special Day. It's just that I feel she deserves this attention, but best of all I think what you are giving is a great prize. I already have my prize... my mom.

Tina, Lafayette GA  04-22-13
I nominate my mom because she is a very strong willed woman. My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and she took care of him 'til he passed. She didn't get to grieve too long and her mom was diagnosed with cancer and she cared for her until she passed. She didn't get to grieve too long for her mom because she got a shock that her daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Though with all she's been through she is strong enough to be there for me and I love her.

Courtney, Hixson TN  04-20-13
Courtney is my daughter in law. She is the most tireless mother I have ever been acquainted with. She is the mother of a 3 yr old boy with Autism, and a 1 yr old girl. She takes care of her children alone most of the time. Her husband (my son) works out of town to support their family, so most of the day to day activities are Courtney's responsibility. She will do anything to would help her children. Until the last month, she got up early every morning, got her two little ones ready and drove to Chattanooga so her ASD son could get special education from the Eastside Elementary school. After dropping off the little boy she did all the errands needed with a 1 yr old in tow. Then its time to pick up the little boy and head home to do all the "home" chores. Often she manages to take the children to the park or playground so they can have some fun in the sun. Somehow she does this while dealing with the challenges of an Autistic child. She handles the meltdowns, sleepless nights, bouts of ear and sinus infections and unknown behaviors with love and understanding. She is all a mother should be and I am one proud Grammie to have her raising my grandchildren.

Susan, Chattanooga TN  04-19-13
My mom gave birth to and raised 11 children, after getting married to my dad when she was 18 (they've been married 40 years now!). She drove us all to little league, softball, soccer, and volleyball practices and games throughout our youth and Red Bank HS years. She even coached my softball team when there wasn't a coach for our Red Bank girls age group. Though people always knew who she was and were grateful for her participation and awesome kids, she has never really gotten public recognition, because she worked for her husband and children... not for others' thanks. It would be awesome if she could finally get some much-deserved recognition.

Elke, Hixson TN  04-19-13
When I was born, my mother was single and young but did not let that stop her from doing everything in her power to provide for me and give me the best life possible. We were not wealthy by any means, but I never did without, even if it meant mom giving plasma so that I could enjoy a happy meal! Mom has always been determined and a hard worker (sometimes working two jobs) to provide for our needs and wants. Here, twenty four years later, I feel so blessed that my brother and I get to call her "mom". She has been our rock when things are uncertain, a shoulder after a tough day, and our number one fan. I know we wouldn't be the people we are today without the guidance, lessons, and (sometimes tough) love from our amazing mother.

Ginger, Spring City TN  04-18-13
My mom went to college when I was 7 years. She got up, cooked breakfast for me and my sister took us to school. And then went and took 20+ in college courses to get her degree in education. She works so hard for her kids and always keeps our family together. Both of my parents are awesome examples of what a marriage should be. I really want my mom to get this because it would mean so much. My sister passed away last year. Her and my mom were best friends and attached at the hip. I have watched my mom, the strongest person I know in any situation have her world ripped apart. You don't realize how much you depend on some one until they need you to lean on. I am 25 years old and my sister was 21 in college when she was found. I would love for my mom to get this just to see her smile. Thank you so much for your consideration.

Carolyn, Rutledge TN  04-18-13
I nominate my mother because she is the best mother in the world. She worked as a nurse for 30 years and has been married to my dad for 43 years. She helped Dad raise 3 children while working at Erlanger Hospital along with working tirelessly in women's ministries for every church she has been a member. She has cooked meals for the homeless; helped take care of the elderly and been on 2 mission trips.

Sheila, Hixson TN  04-18-13
I nominate Sheila for the Miraculous Mother's Day mom because she is the most inspirational person I know. She has served in the Navy to protect our country. She is currently a police officer who serves to protect her community. But most importantly, she is the mother of a beautiful little girl named Elizabeth. Elizabeth was born with a rare genetic disorder that her and her family had to travel to Texas for her to receive a lung transplant. Sheila has gone above and beyond to care for Elizabeth and to make sure she receives the best medical care possible. In her spare time, she helps promote organ donation. She also helps support other families with children waiting for transplants by sharing her experience and being available for whatever they may need. She organizes fundraisers to help support the local children's hospital, fallen police officer's, and many other causes. She is a true inspiration in my eyes.

Beth, Dalton GA  04-18-13
If it wasn't for my mother I wouldn't be the person I am today she has shown me how to be a confident, stylish smart about the choices I make in life and how the can affect me and the people around me. She divorced my father when I was very young and he didn't have much of a presence in my life so I'm a complete mommy's girl. She is my best friend. I've always been able to go and talk to her about anything whether it be about boys or issues with my friends or financial advice. So I nominate my mother for teaching me to be the best person I can be!!

Mary, Chattanooga TN  04-18-13
Mary is a talented woman and the mother of two fine boys, ages 9 and 15. I met her in 2007, just as her health was beginning to decline, and she began suffering severe financial problems as a result. In the years since, I have been inspired by her faith and courage in the face of her incredible challenges, and the magnificent job she has done in raising her children. She has recently begun a business selling her own line of wonderful jewelry. I can think of no mother who is more deserving of your recognition this year for Mother's Day.

Eva, East Ridge TN  04-18-13
I feel compelled to nominate my mother for the following reasons: Firstly, I want to nominate her because she has ALWAYS put her family above herself. In 2011, my father was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer. My mother stopped working in order to care for my father. She was by his side throughout the life-threatening diagnosis, surgery, recovery, and chemotherapy treatments. Also during 2011, my younger sister gave birth to her son, Zade. Being a single mother was overwhelming to her so not only did my mother help in the care of father, but was also helping with the caring and raising of her newborn grandson. Secondly, I nominate my mother because no matter what obstacles my family faces, she remains strong, devoted, loving and as hopeful as ever. Between cooking, cleaning, laundry, caring for a sick husband, new grandson, and balancing caring for herself, she has proved to be the most dedicated, loving, and helpful mother anyone could ask for. Lastly, I had to nominate my mother because of all that she gives and does for EVERYONE, and never asks for anything in return. From providing kind words, encouragement, a shoulder to cry on, or stern advice, she has given all that she has to her family. She put her life to the side in order to care for and do for everyone else. The past few years have been very difficult for both my mother and for my family. I can however happily say that my father is in remission and my nephew is growing up to be one handsome little man. These things would not have been possible without her help and now it is time for my mother to have a moment for herself as she has not had this in many years.

Ashlee, Dayton TN  04-18-13
ABSOLUTELY the best Mother ever! Not only to my granddaughter, but to all the premature babies at East Ridge Hospital! Ashlee gives her all to so many! Her Character values 'SHINE', her 'LOVE' is the GREATEST! MIRACULOUS MOM INDEED . . . a 'BLESSING' to all who know her!!! <3

Jenny, Brentwood TN  04-18-13
After my mom passed away in 2002, I became very sad, especially on Mother's Day. I am a nurse and always volunteered to work on that day so I would be able to let the day pass quickly. After a few years of this, my daughter took me to lunch and told me that by my actions, I was robbing her of the opportunity to honor her mother, and that was making her sad and feel robbed of this opportunity. At that point I quit thinking of myself as a victim and my whole attitude changed. I still miss my mom but can celebrate this wonderful day with MY daughter. Three years ago she gave birth to Maggie, who was named after my mother! The most wonderful gift she has given me is seeing her become a wonderful, patient, and loving mother herself!

Gaynelle, Dayton TN  04-18-13
My mom is an amazing person. She has always took care of everyone around her. My whole life we always had other kids living with us and she loved this just as they were her own. Even to this day she is currently taking care of 2 more children and I am 28 :) She is loving, kindhearted and an amazing mother. Please choose my mom for the prize just to show her how special she is to us and everyone around her!

Margaret, Harrison TN  04-13
My mother is such an inspiration, if I can become half of the woman she is, that would be wonderful. She is a Godly woman who is very strong in her faith, and is always putting other's needs before her own. When she is not putting 50+ hours in at her physical therapy business, she is spending her time taking care of my elderly great aunt who suffers from dementia and an elderly neighbor as well. It would just be really nice for my mom to feel special and pampered, she most deserving. Thanks for being amazing, I love you.....

Cathy, East Ridge TN  04-18-13
I would like to nominate my Mom for this recognition. She has been such a lifeline for me especially the past 3 years during which my husband was diagnosed with a chronic disabling medical condition shortly after we obtained custody of our very young niece and nephew. Mom is always there to care of a sick child, take him/her to the doctor or school event so I do not have to miss work and provide me with emotional and physical support. She is truly my 'lifeline'. I could not get through the stress of my life without my Mom and her willingness to 'jump in' to help. She is AWESOME.

Tammy, Chattanooga TN  04-18-13

She is the best mom anyone could ever have. She has bent over backwards to make sure her kids have all that we want and all we need. She also has a Down syndrome son that is bipolar, ADHD. He has severe behaviors but still manages to take care of him and be the best mom she can be. She's my mother along with my two brothers and my step brother that she has raised like her own. If anyone gets this award it should be my mother. She has inspired many people on being a mom. Now that I'm a mother, I want to be just like her and be the best I can be.

Tabitha, Dunlap TN  04-18-13
My daughter gets up for work at 4 am with her husband and drives to Tiftonia to work. She is in Quality Control there. She has a 2 year old son also. Some times she has to work 7 days a week, 6 to 12 hour days. Then she has to pick up her son before she comes home and makes dinner. By the time she has done that its time for bed due to the hours she works. But she always makes time for her son. She quit school in the 8th grade due to me having back problems. She was my caregiver for a while. She recently went and got her GED and graduated school while working these hours. She is my pride and joy due to her attitude. Never misses hardly any work and is very smart and a very happy girl. At this time she and her husband are staying with me while trying to buy a house on top of everything else that she has going on. She's an awesome mom and deserves to be nominated for her hard work and love of her son.

Paula, Whitwell TN  04-18-13
My mother has always been there for me. We haven't always had a lot but she always put a roof over my head and food on the table, even if there was not enough for her. She has always encouraged me to do my best in everything and I have never been able to give her a great Mothers Day. I would love for her to win this so she can get something nice.

Kimberly, Chattanooga TN  04-17-13

If it wasn't for my mother, I most likely wouldn't be alive today. I mean that literally, I'm not talking about birth. I have went through many tragedies, from getting a 3rd degree burn to almost going deaf as a young child. She has always been there for me, unlike anyone else. She always provides the best for me, and makes sure I'm safe. I admire her for that, and make sure to thank her, I may not say it a lot, but I do. I love her, and admire her for everything she does. Even if she does make mistakes, everyone does. No one is perfect. We're all human beings,and we all make mistakes. She makes sure I'm in my best state, twenty four-seven, and makes sure I always wear a smile. She is the best mom anyone can ask for. I thank her for being by my side everyday, and praying. Even if she felt hopeless when I was born, she still stuck by my side, and believed. She, and God are the reasons I'm still alive and breathing today.

Vickie, Chickamauga GA  04-17-13

I am nominating my Mom because words alone can not express how much I love, appreciate, respect, and cherish her. Nor, could I ever repay her for all she has given and sacrificed for myself and my children. She is my definition of strength. It would be a gift to me for her to win this prize. I want to thank her on Mother's Day and every day for giving me life and love.

Starr, Graysville TN  04-16-13
My mom is the best mom in the world. She is not just my mom, she is my best friend. I can talk to her about anything and everything. I think she should win cause she has been through a lot this past year because of her health.

Cassandra, Chattanooga TN  04-16-13
My mother is the best mom ever! She is a wife, mother, friend and volunteer. My mother has been a big influence on my life. She is one of my role models. My mother was in car accident a few years ago that left her with some mental and physical challenges. She may have to care for herself and us differently but she never stopped. She is always teaching me about how to respect myself, be a young lady,and care for others. She is a volunteer and cares about the homeless. She puts others first and will often sacrifice for them. She encourages me and others. My mother is a great influence in my life and will help me reach my goals.

Latest Comments
Veridicus - 11/24/2015 12:55 PM
0 Votes
Addressing the broader issues beyond the allegations in this news report, scientific studies based on credible empirical evidence do not support the mass hysteria and moral panic that currently surrounds so-called "child pornography." According to several objective research reports, some of which are discussed in the essay linked below, the viewing of this material is most often harmless and does not always lead to behaviors which are currently considered to be criminal. Many – perhaps most - of those charged with possessing and viewing "child pornography" have never been involved with a child. Also, the conjecture that all "pornography" is taken without consent is not borne out by empirical facts, and the delusion that children are hurt every time their image is viewed simply is not rational – the child most likely never knows about such viewings. For an essay discussing this subject published in a reputable scientific journal, see For a free downloadable 94 page book on these issues which includes voluntary anonymous testimony from now grown former child "actors," see

Diatheke - 11/23/2015 3:21 PM
0 Votes
Complete and total waste of time, effort and tax payer money by the sheriffs department. Marijuana is a benign, harmless plant that grows out the ground. It's more of a medicine than a harmful drug. The only thing left now is to seize the mans truck, home and possessions. Sell them at auction and buy a couple of new cruisers and other department goodies. The majority of America no longer views marijuana as a harmful substance. We are also no longer impressed with your propoganda photos where you spread the plants out and make it look like a big bust. There is also no way in the world those plants are worth anywhere near $150,000. That's about the size of a typical legal Colorado grow. Which brings us to the last dirty trick where you weigh the stalk, leaves and rootball and other worthless plant matter and charge the man using that weight. Stop ruining the lives of your citizens. Board the sanity train and legalize.

Veridicus - 11/23/2015 2:03 PM
0 Votes
Without proposing to pass judgment on the allegations in this news report, it should be noted that scientific studies based on credible empirical evidence do not support the mass hysteria and moral panic that currently surrounds so-called "child pornography." According to several objective research reports, some of which are discussed in the essay linked below, the viewing of this material is most often harmless and does not always lead to behaviors which are currently considered to be criminal. Many – perhaps most - of those charged with possessing and viewing "child pornography" have never been involved with a child. Also, the conjecture that all "pornography" is taken without consent is not borne out by empirical facts, and the delusion that children are hurt every time their image is viewed simply is not rational – the child most likely never knows about such viewings. For an essay discussing this subject published in a reputable scientific journal, see For a free downloadable 94 page book on these issues which includes voluntary anonymous testimony from now grown former child "actors," see

Here2Opine - 11/21/2015 8:52 AM
0 Votes
These crimes happened long ago why are they just getting around to them now???

NotBuyinIT - 11/20/2015 12:40 AM
0 Votes
ISIS assures us they are only expressing their religious beliefs.

StayPuft96 - 11/18/2015 3:47 AM
0 Votes
It looks like Indiana Women's Basketball Team might just be good enough to challenge the traditionally powerful Big Ten Conference teams this year. Time will tell but I believe Coach Moren's decision to assign "TB" to the point guard position will ultimately pay off with the Hoosiers finally becoming a good team.

CarrieScoggin - 11/16/2015 9:20 PM
0 Votes
I think that there needs to be temperary refugee camp, and soon they will have their lands back. ISIS's days are numbered, and government will soon be back in hands of Syrian govt.

overtsr - 11/16/2015 8:47 PM
0 Votes
Hedy Weinberg is a very naive person to think we have an “extremely rigorous and multi-layered security screening program in place” to screen Syrian refugees. That is about as stupid a statement I have ever heard out of the ACLU. How do you screen people out of a war torn country like Syrian. I don’t believe in crystal balls or mind readers so what on earth would you use to “investigate” these people because to “investigate” assume you can find valid information about that person, but in this case, information is nonexistent, except maybe Assad’s government has something. Oh, we don’t get along with Assad do we? I think your actions are a "reflexive overreaction" based on a lack of commonsense. Maybe we can move them into your neighborhood.

Here2Opine - 11/11/2015 7:23 AM
0 Votes
Takes just a sc to sign,like,retweet

Here2Opine - 11/11/2015 7:06 AM
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Takes just a sc to sign,like,retweet Justice-For-Momma-Dog-Therapy-Dog-Shot-Slashed-And-Beaten-In-Ooltewah-Tennessee-t-3181
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