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Normal Park Art
Students at Normal Park Museum Magnet School created some amazing art that shows off local emergency responders. Video Video
Students at one local school get creative to solve problems. Video Video
Hamilton County High School
Hamilton County High School is being called one of the best kept secrets in the Tennessee Valley. Video Video
Calvin Donaldson Adventure Club
Some students at a local elementary school are staying in shape by taking part in an "Adventure Club." Video Video
Bethlehem Center
120 kids are getting the help they need in Hamilton County schools, thanks to the Bethlehem Center. Video Video
Tech Town
Some local teens have some hands on experience when it comes to technology. Video Video
Dalton Skills Camp
Students in Dalton got some hands on lessons from some professional college basketball players. Video Video
Math and Movement
Some students and teachers are ready for the new school year, after spending part of their summer vacation studying math. Video Video
Challenge Island
Chattanooga Christian School gets transformed into a Wizard workshop, to teach STEM classes to kids using Harry Potter themes. Video Video
Robotics School
Some students got an early jump on high tech subjects by learning about robots, and the coding that comes with them. Video Video
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jeanmarie - 9:10 AM
0 Votes
We just moved here from South Dakota and bought a home in Georgetown and we cant get internet there. the cable is at the road on hwy 58 but they wont bring it to the house about 1/2 mile on a private road - there are 4 other homes there as well - we even offered to pay for the work and would dig the trench and they still said no ( Charter Internet)- very frustrating for us- everyone has internet these days!!!

jmrtsus - 10/5/2015 12:43 PM
0 Votes
I feel sure Chattanooga, The State and Hamilton County will join in the multitude of lawsuits due to loss of revenue caused by VW's illegal actions. They will need it when the layoffs come.

PhotoRadarScam - 10/3/2015 6:01 PM
0 Votes
Good riddance!

PhotoRadarScam - 10/3/2015 6:01 PM
0 Votes
Good riddance!

mamac - 9/30/2015 3:20 PM
0 Votes
Throw his butt back in jail. Cause when someone is hiding a fugitive or not telling where someone is they get in trouble and threw in jail. So, throw him back in there till he offers to tell where the dog is. He is a SICK whatever you want to call him he sure isn't human. Shame shame on you.The law may just smack you on the wrist and pay your fines. But it isn't this law you have to worry about it's GOD'S LAW GOD'S ANIMAL. And yes you might get by with it till whenever but when the Lord has his hand in it it's going to be 10 fold...And this is sick beating a helpless dog. You might think you are all that but to beat a animal it makes ever who is doing it a little boy..

hollyhobbie3 - 9/29/2015 7:29 PM
0 Votes
Tennessee is the worst state for yielding to emergency vehicles. They will pull over in a heartbeat for a funeral, but refuse to pull over, yield or stop for a fire truck, ambulance or police car. I have seen multiple occasions where drivers have cut off, sped up, or just refused to move for emergency vehicles. This is not only common sense, it is one of the first things you learn in drivers training. NOTHING you are doing, is more important than the lives of those needing the assistance, and your own if you fail to yield. If you can show respect to the dead, do it while they are alive. Listen, yield, pullover and stop. It will NOT kill you to wait out two green lights for emergency vehicles to get through. It just may if you don't.

Grandpa59 - 9/26/2015 1:25 AM
0 Votes
Teachers you break you pay, simply put. I have to buy my own laptops, and pda's and phones myself to use in my business. Why should I as a taxpayer keep paying for your damages. It is called personal responsibility that we need to teach our children! It is a small price I am sure for the insurance on the devices. Or simply leave them at school in a locked drawer when not in use.

Diesel1 - 9/22/2015 9:13 PM
0 Votes
I would like to add a comment for the elected officials why don't you ask Volkswagen about ECM Update 23N5 and see if you get a response from this trustworthy company, I suspect mine and all the elected officials voicing so much concern will need to only look to the headlines and see. Let me give a little history in 2014 My wife and I were shopping for much more FUEL EFFICIENT vehicle seeing that ours at the time was a heavy SUV, so we set out on our journey after many Toyota's,Honda's etc. we settled in on a VW Passat myself being a former Diesel mechanic was impressed by the numbers MPG, Performance, and German engineering diesel, so away with the gas guzzling suv and hello to a performance driven diesel sipper, Straight out of the gates this car delivered 44-49 MPG a trip to the beach and home less than a hundred dollars, on and on we thought wow and we can tell everyone that it was built right here in our Hometown Chattanooga Tennessee, I even would try to rationalize the incentives for VW to build here and then came my January 08 2015 visit to Village VW for squeaky rotors in which they obliged in fixing somewhat, but on my invoice was an ECM update along with de-glazing but back to that update, as one who keeps a pretty good eye on fuel mileage I started to notice a difference much more noticeable performance lagging than what we had before and then fast forward till 9/21/2015 at the news story right now, and it hit me Volkswagen knew all along and were trying to adjust the ECM parameters on my TDI ALONG WITH THOUSANDS OF OTHERS NO DOUBT, so if you are Reading this what they more than likely did was adjust the parameters on Turbo spooling, Injection timing, and ADBLUE SCR or an increase in DEF NOX solution to bring emissions down more in line with what the Feds were looking for which Obviously did not Happen "SO MUCH FOR DAS AUTO" by the way not an engineer just a lowly former wrench monkey (RECALL-23N5)

Diesel1 - 9/22/2015 10:23 AM
0 Votes
Not mine, VW can do anything they want but I for one will never step foot back in a VW dealership. When we purchased our Chattanooga made Passat in 2014 the very reason we bought it was the fuel economy trade off and performance, now because of this decision we have $24000.00 reasons to be completely sick, nobody in their right mind will ever want one of these cars, we will not be able to sale it, trade it in without practically giving it to them the value of our car is completely ruined oh yes we will have to drive from now on but VW will never garner no support from me ever again. I PERSONALLY HOPE THEY ARE FORCED OUT OF CHATTANOOGA for performing such a deceitful practice and leaving myself and many other "Clean Diesel" car owners left holding the bag. How does it feel Tennessee I for one am eating crow, who was on the VW bus, think about it 168 million plus in incentives to produce this a cheating, lying, piece of junk. Thanks Volkswagen A Chattanooga Passat owner

MrBrowning - 9/17/2015 1:12 PM
0 Votes
There was a rash of home burglaries near my grandmother's home and it had me pretty worried about her. A friend told me about this little wireless home surveillance camera. It's triggered by motion detection, and you can view it from your phone. It's been a real weight off my back to know it's there.
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