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Latest Comments
DJ TENN NYC - 5/27/2015 11:09 PM
0 Votes
I know this so well. bullied every day of my life 79-83 at Polk County High School while faculty and staff looked the other way. Locker trashed, car vandalized , verbal abuse physical assaults 6 stitches to the head, you name it.. I went to that same school as Dr Jones and I would like to say to him in a public forum that here today in 2015 would be a really good time for you to come out of the closet and take a stand against bullying as the SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT with 2 dead kids on your hands even if it costs you your job and most of your fake pious churched up "friends" & even if your "leaders" have passed a law making it perfectly legal to bully people in school as part of your "Religious Freedoms". Again Im reminded that not everyone can take a stand though,and that's whats wrong with America , most people hide behind a title and wads of cash and just fake it as the bodies pile up & young lives are PERMANENTLY destroyed.. I wish I could have talked to those kids and told them that in 5 years none of these redneck scumbags would matter and that you can go anywhere and do anything you want to in life while the bullies are sitting in Copper Basin like the pack of obese inbred hogs they are making peoples lives as miserable as their own. my heart goes out to these kids and their families. we as a nation have learned NOTHING from Colombine & 20 yrs later school shootings don't even make front page headlines anymore and are as common & banal as a Big Mac. Sickening. Shame on the schools , the bullies the parents that raise bullies all of you SHAME. Jesus hates your bigotry and your bullying WAKE UP AMERICA

labbylane - 5/27/2015 9:20 PM
0 Votes
I personally know this family and their 4 legged children I have taken care of their dogs for many years. Lobo doesn't growl he doesn't have a mean bone in his body!! Both dogs are afraid of their own shadow! All that man had to do was bang on something! Shooting him was not an option!!! Any animal lover would of never shot a dog! Justice for Lobo!

kranberi - 5/27/2015 6:31 PM
0 Votes
No words. I know how it feels to be bullied to the point of doing anything to avoid school. The fact this beautiful child felt she had no other option is truly heartbreaking. These kids need to know THEY are not the ones with the problems; it's the BULLIES who have the issues and insecurities; that's why they feel they have to act so poorly. Respect and compassion start at HOME; if bullying kids haven't been taught common courtesies at home, HOW can we expect a school staff to teach them? That's Mom and\or Dad's job--let's put responsibility where it belongs! How can you expect a school staff to police these kids? They are knowledge-wielding educators, not gun-toting militia! All they can really do is counsel the parents and students involved--I don't see how school politics would allow for much of anything else. Should you keep a bullied child out of school? That, too, is an unsatisfactory solution. What to do? Aside from forcing parents to be parents, it seems the most effective solution would be to rally the students to stand together and watch out for each other. A bully loses power when others stand up to or ignore him\her. After all, there's no pressure like peer pressure, right? I feel sad for this little girl, her family, AND the school staff--these teachers don't want to see their students hurt any more than the families do!

MIDNIGHTRIDER - 5/24/2015 9:37 PM
0 Votes
This is a step in the right direction to (a) stop bullying in schools in TN & (b) bring attention to the school district's inept leadership. My prayers are with the family of this poor, tormented girl. What happened was totally unnecessary. This, however is just not relegated to Polk County. It's happening all over the state.

edibill - 5/24/2015 5:16 PM
0 Votes
Pit Bulls in themselves may be no more likely to bite than any other breed when kept responsibly but lets face it, the breed is extremely popular with a segment of society that isn't the most socially responsible. Civil litigation against most of these people is a waste of time. So if making the breed illegal will mean fewer knuckleheads will be able to own, mistreat and poorly supervise then that will lead to fewer dog bites and less danger to the public.

tnsnowangel - 5/22/2015 8:02 AM
0 Votes
It's actually $10 Off $20. :-)

mamac - 5/21/2015 4:09 PM
0 Votes
Well, STUPID PEOPLE are going to be stupid. I have been burglarized 5 times people stealing from me and my family. We work hard for what little crap we have and for a THIEF to come up in my yard and take what he wants to feed his dope habit.Yes, I say if they steal cut there hands off. And if you need to feed your family instead of stealing a loaf of bread why not ASK for it. Cause even if you are going to steal a loaf of bread to feed your family well if you die is it worth going to hell for? Much less being a example to your kids and others..Is that the kind of examples hey we are hungry kids lets go steal a loaf of bread, yep way to teach kids( hmm so is thats what wrong with the world? thank so)And to anybody hurting animals yea throw them under the jail and never let them see day light....It don't look like humans as any Compassion for each other and animals....Im 44 years old and haven't been in trouble with the law and haven't had a speeding ticket like in 23 years . And it isn't hard to be a law biding citizen..

U2ART - 5/21/2015 1:10 PM
0 Votes
Mercedes Benz leaving NJ had nothing to do with taxes. According to M-B President who masterminded the move last December, “Tax incentives mean almost nothing when you’re making a decision for the next 50 years and beyond. They have zero impact on the business case,”......... it was quality of life and a supportive business community that drew the company. http://www.globalatlanta.com/article/27595/ceo-tax-breaks-not-the-clincher-on-mercedes-benzs-atlanta-move/ Consider that M-B just signed L. Hamilton for the next three years for $140 million. This just shows that the tax savings in the move to GA is nothing more than pocket change for M-B and clearly there were bigger reasons for leaving as M-B President has clearly pointed out. So, apparently, Mr. Cannon does not feel NJ offers a good for quality of life or a positive business community. I disagree....I've been to Montvale...nice place...great location....close to Manhattan, close to Catskills and Poconos...lots of great schools and history nearby, including West Point....why do you think my friend Mary decided to move America's #1 Automotive brand nearby to NY? Atlanta is nice, but nothing beats NYC and the surrounding areas. And why would Mr. Cannon want to move out of New Canaan unless he was moving to Greenwich...or perhaps to nearby Bedford where Bruce Willis just bought a home? Perhaps there were some recent bad experiences that MB management needed to flush out and decided that a move was the cleanest solution. They did keep the legal team in case the employees that were not given an opportunity to move realize the move was more of a personal preference for management not to have to deal with old luggage.

eshever - 5/21/2015 11:46 AM
2 Votes
Now you know what a "wackadoo" is and why it might be dangerous to have an animal abuser registry online.

al smith - 5/21/2015 9:28 AM
1 Vote
"The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws." Ayn Rand Now I know some of you that are ranting and raving that WE NEED MORE LAWS probably do not know who Ayn Rand is but you most certainly know that you love mob rule. Mamac here would like to see all "abusers" in jail and of course if you steal a loaf of bread to feed your family you should have your hands cut off.. Me thinks that person needs to move to a country where this actually happens and does not deserve to live in a county where we have justice system.
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