In 2014 Will Tennessee Be Ready To Legally Smoke a Bowl?

Reported by: James Mahon
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Updated: 1/17 6:38 pm
EAST TN, (WDEF)-"Just look at the truth rather than the lies and the stigma that comes with it from years ago"

James Vargo of pro marijuana organization Norml believes what's happening in Colorado now needs to start in Tennessee.

"Kids with Different seizure disorders, they can do the CBD, the Cannabidiol oils and go from 300 seizures a day to 2 and 3 and act and play like a small child should"

His views are echoed by Nashville lawyer and State Representative Sherry Jones who is working on legislation to bring legal pot to the Volunteer State.

"Some sponsors and then i'm sure we will be rushed into moving the bill if we are going to move it, so next week we should have our sponsors after that we will see what we need to do to get it into committee"

Jones added that her brother's pain and death from Crohn's disease has inspired her to bring medical marijuana to the South.

At Teen Challenge in  Chattanooga, they have a very different perspective on the potential legalization of Marijuana.

Roger Helle has helped addicts and their families from across the south since the 1980's and does not support the legalization of marijuana.

"From my perspective legalizing it will increase the problem, open it up because it always seems to open it up to greater levels of addiction"

He said it is still a gateway drug and Tennessee has enough addiction problems already.

"At least 80% of the men and women I have dealt with over 35 years started out recreationally and it seems for the majority of them, pot was the drug of choice"

Helle's says his faith based organization has impacted the lives of over 3000 addicts in our region.

Norml say they will be opening a Smoky Mtn chapter of their pro pot organization in the coming weeks focusing on Chattanooga and Cleveland.

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DarkZen77 - 1/27/2014 9:15 AM
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"Teen Challenge" is a religious (Christian) based organization. Of COURSE they're going to express a negative view on this topic! It's pointless to even interview these people because their views are going to be based on their antiquated moral/religious beliefs as opposed to medical and scientific research. Anything that doesn't line up with their extremely narrow, black and white view of right and wrong is going to be demonized every chance they get. This article is about the legalization of MEDICAL marijuana in the state of Tennessee, not recreational use, yet the Teen Challenge representative spoke about the fear of recreational addiction. This should give you a clue as to his motives.

mooney101 - 1/18/2014 9:52 PM
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Pros: *You can now tax it. (HUGE PRO) *Brings in more tourist to the state. *No more wasted police hours and tax money on a harmless medicine *People will now have a legal alternative to pain relief that can't kill. you like tylenol can. *Less DUI's and lives saved from people not drinking and driving. *Children who are suffering from seizures can now live a normal life. Cons: *None that can out do the pros.

potcafechatt - 1/18/2014 2:44 PM
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Roger Helle has helped addicts and their families from across the south since the 1980's and does not support the legalization of marijuana. (Because he's owned by corporate interests and the slave trade that is happening here in TN) "From my perspective legalizing it will increase the problem, open it up because it always seems to open it up to greater levels of addiction" ....(actually it keeps us off crack and meth, and it's really all we need, as long as it is GOOD you won't need anything else, mexican brick weed is a different story) He said it is still a gateway drug and Tennessee has enough addiction problems already. (If you want to know an addictive drug try tobacco ( it kills an infinitely more number amount of people each year) and alcohol... uggh I hate drunks, need I say More?..) Cannabis loves you and he wants you to be as happy and as healthy as possible...

potcafechatt - 1/18/2014 2:29 PM
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yes, get off your asses TN! get with the program! Infinitely safer than alcohol... Natural medicine for many ailments. Users aren't prone to violence. Reduces suicide risk...Helpful natural plant that has many food, medicinal, and industrial uses... End Cannabis Prohibition! thank you... Please show our cancer patients that we care about them. Reduce taxpayer demands for incarcerating non violent cannabis offenders. Tax the plant, generate revenue for the state. There are many reasons to end prohibition of this sacred plant. Please help in any way you can TN! We need our medicine. Stop persecuting us for something that has been used since the agricultural revolution, and actually helped to spawn the agricultural revolution many years ago... So many uses, hempcrete, the building material, is stronger than concrete and actually absorbs co2 out of the air while continuing to harden as the years progress... TN! come to your senses and join the free states!

minijjr - 1/18/2014 12:51 AM
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theres a big pill problems in east TN. see most people see pot as the ply way to use it by smoking it. theres so many ways to get the medical benefits from mmj, and with the research of pot has gone up in the past years, we can make mmj just 90% CBD (with is the chemical property that kills pain) we just need to look at the big picture good can come from this, and yes of cores theres always _ to the + but only way to ring out is to try it, also this will bring a big tax increase

Elizabeth77 - 1/17/2014 9:29 PM
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Marijuana is not addictive. Tobacco cigarets are. I think almost 100% of the "addicts" that Roger Helle has treated smoke tobacco or drink coffee or alcohol, etc. Many people have stopped smoking Marijuana without withdrawal but nobody stops smoking tobacco or drinking coffee without having physical distress. Actually, many medicines in the legal pharmacies are addictive and less effective than Cannabis Sativa. Research has shown that marijuana is the best treatment for people with cancer to reduce nausea, and has been shown to reduce tumors. There is more good information about this. Big Pharma is scared that this natural medicine will be brought into use and hurt their profits.

Revrin - 1/17/2014 9:10 PM
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If Given the option to get high with out any chance of getting in trouble most people will pass on the harder drugs. They say that Weed is a Gateway drug, I say that any illegal activity is a gate way to another one. When people say it all started with Pot that is just something to blame. Everything we do starts with our decision to do it. I do not Smoke weed or do any other type of drug so personally i have no use for it. But other people do have a need for it. Before condemning something because you don't like it look at the other side. Legalization will help the whole of this country, taxation of recreational use alone will erase the national debt faster than any other plan they have currently, instead spending millions on the judicial system that puts harmless teens in jail, each state would be making/saving money not to mention law enforcement would not be so thin spread. The medical benefits are too many to even talk about, as are the products that can be made. (also Saving money thus goods costing less) The over all good of the use of this plant out ways the bad on all fronts. There will be people that miss use it, but no more than what they are currently.

LadyV - 1/17/2014 9:09 PM
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Over 2000 deaths in the United States alone are attributed to asprin and other NSAID drugs, not a single account of a fatal Cannabis overdose. There is no sense in regulating, let alone criminalizing a harmless plant which only helps to alleviate pain and stress from those that consume it. The time is here to end this madness while alcohol and cigarettes are being sold on every corner destroying peoples lives and health.This is naturally grown not man made.It can also "as hemp" be used for so many things.If farmers could farm hemp then most of them could keep farming and their farmland. I see it helping the economy,the health of others and our planet in so many ways.I am not a smoker by the way so I am not for it for any personal gain I just think it would make more sense for it to be legal rather than alcohol and if any one did the comparison of the benefits they could see it for themselves.
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