2 Lost Cats in Lake Hills Neighborhood

2 LOST CATS (1 male, 1 female) that ran out on Davis Lane in the Lake Hills neighborhood behind the Childcare Network daycare right off the Bonny Oaks exit off Hwy 153. Domestic shorthairs named Tubby and Nibbles, neither had collars. Both have been spayed/neutered.

The male cat got out around midnight on Sunday 10/2 (Saturday night). They’re both 5 years old, are very skittish, the male has very round eyes, both kinda chunky and stocky, and a high pitched meow. They’re striped brownish and tan.

The girl has one light tan paw with pink toe pads. She got out the next day early afternoon around 12:45pm on Sunday 10/2. They don’t really respond to their names.

We were taking them in for my grandma, who had to give them up because she had to move into an assisted living facility. He broke the door on the pet taxi and ran out in the neighborhood before we could get him inside. She ran out when we went looking for her brother during the day.

Please help us find them! They’re siblings, extremely close and bonded but ran out at 2 different times. We’re hoping they at least find each other but want to find them and keep them safe. We’re so worried about them.

Contact (423) 920-1933.



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