Missing in White Oak – McDonald Area 7/15

If yall have any friends in Cleveland, TN
(White Oak / McDonald area )
pleaseeeee send them this and tell them to be on the lookout for these dogs !
If you see them please call or message anytime !
They have gotten out and we cant find them.
Female is Prissy , Known as ” Priss”
Weighs 60-65 lbs.
Has been spayed.
Will kiss you without a second thought.
Male is named Junior.
Weighs 80-100 lbs.
He is SPECIAL NEEDS and gets uneasy and nervous when in an unfamiliar setting or around those he doesn’t know.
He has Down Syndrome and is Autistic.
He can be coaxed with treats as he is VERY FOOD MOTIVATED.
If you have food he will love you forever.
( has not been neutered ONLY because he is funny in new surroundings )
-Both dogs have collars but no tags as the keep tearing them off of each other when playing.
-Both dogs are 4 years old. ( siblings )
-Priss is shorter than Junior but both are same color.
SPCA Of BC has been notified as well.
They aren’t there.
Please share and help find them !

(423) 309-3483

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