$1.2 billion waiting to be claimed by Tennesseans

Unclaimed Property in Tennessee

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) –  The Unclaimed Property Division is a consumer protection program that works to reunite the millions of missing dollars turned over to the state every year by businesses and organizations that have been unable to match property or funds to their rightful owners.

“It’s not land. Property refers to something that belongs to you. Unclaimed property is mostly an intangible asset like a utility refund, uncashed paycheck, abandoned stock, security, or just a credit balance from an overpayment,” says Shelli King, Spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Treasury.

As of right now, there are about $1.2 billion dollars just waiting to be claimed- a large amount right here in Hamilton County. In fact, the treasury estimates that one in every six Tennesseeans could be missing money.

“In Hamilton County alone there is more than $35 million waiting to be claimed. But in the Tennessee counties inside your viewing area, there is nearly $60 million that’s out there. That’s almost 800,000 individual pieces of property that are waiting to be claimed,” says King.

Claim it dot gov is a mobile-friendly online portal that features online searches for unclaimed property in Tennessee using any internet device. 

“Just go to the website and start your search. You can start putting your name in – I’m a person or company and hit search. Then you can start going through. We always encourage people to search for their names, family names, or husbands – all of the things that could have something missing out there,” says King.

Claimants can now file multiple properties on a single claim, greatly reducing the time it takes to claim and receive property.

There is never a fee to claim your missing money in Tennessee, nor is there a timeframe.  For a link to the portal, click here.

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