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2020 Amber Alert ends in child abuse charges today

Prosecutors say the child ran away from an abusive adoptive mother

ASHELAND CITY, Tennessee (WDEF) – An AMBER Alert from last year has lead to a pair of arrests today.

Last November, TBI agents began the search for a missing 9 year old boy in Cheatham County near Nashville.

A couple of days later, they found him in a shelter he built in a creek bed with a discarded tarp.

He was about 3/4 of a mile from his home.

But the happy ending didn’t turn out to be so happy.

Investigators now say he fled to home to avoid an abusive mother.

They now say that 63 year old Coletta Jean Gorman mistreated her adopted children.

They also charged her biological son, Alvin Robert Jensen.

On Wednesday, a grand jury indicted the mother on six counts of Aggravated Child Abuse/Neglect/Endangerment.

The son got one count.

They both were arrested today and booked in jail.


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