3 new scam warning for our area

DALTON, CHATSWORTH, DUNLAP (WDEF) – We have three scam warnings to pass along from our area.

First, a fire safety scam in the Dalton area.

The Dalton Fire Department warns that a fire services company has approached several local businesses about performing safety inspections in their name.

They say the fire department has contracted them to inspect the fire extinguishers of other equipment and then use pushy sales tactics on them.

Dalton officials say anyone representing them will be dressed in a DFD uniform.

They also advise any business that gets contacted to NOT schedule the appointment.

If you have questions about your fire extinguishers or other fire safety equipment, the DFD recommends contacting the company that installed or maintains that equipment. You can also contact the fire department at 706-278-7363.


Murray County officials report a scam involving a bogus police officer.

“J. Duma” with badge #673 is calling people to say they have a warrant out for their arrest.

But you can get it purged by sending him money over the phone.

The Sheriff’s Office reports there is no Officer Duma.

It’s a scam.


And finally a warning this week from Dunlap about a common scam that has been going around the valley lately.

Elderly victims get phone calls from someone claiming to be a grandchild who has just been in a wreck.

They need money immediately to get them out of trouble.

There are varying schemes to send the money.

Dunlap Police add that when confronted by the “victims,” the male caller would respond with vulgar language.

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