7-Footer Uros Plavsic Leads Vols Physical Style of Play

When the Vols hit the floor, they also hit the intimidation switch.
Tennessee has used their size to become one of the top defensive teams in the country.
And 7-foot center Uros Plavsic is no doubt the enforcer.

Instead of playing Rocky Top for Uros, his style of play deserves NFL Films treatment.
Said Plavsic:”That physicality that I bring. I would say other teams don’t like, but sometimes some of those plays are not within the rules of basketball. Referees call fouls. They remember stuff like that.”
Said head coach Rick Barnes:”He is strong. He’s big. And you know what, he has really good feet. He’s quicker than most people would probably suspect.”
Maybe Uros sets the tone for the team.
Said Plavsic:”Our physicality and our toughness is something that brings people down to the mud. You know once you get in there, it’s not easy to get out of it.”
But Coach Barnes doesn’t want it to get too muddy.
Said Barnes:”Is physicality fouling? We don’t want foul. I can tell you that. We don’t want teams parading to the line on us. We are an older, stronger team. Big guys.”
The Vols physical style is already on the mind of their Sweet 16 opponent. Florida Atlantic.
Said FAU head coach Dusty May:”We are going to study Australian rugby rules and get ready for the Vols.”
Added Barnes:”Well you know what. I took a Big East all star team to Australia back in ’90. We went to a match, and I enjoyed it. I thought it was good. I liked the way the referees (raises his arms) does all that stuff. I enjoyed watching it. You know I would probably pay to go see it. We were free that day, but I would pay to go see it.”

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