Gas prices keep going up in our area

Some station's posted $4 prices today

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – As the war in Ukraine continues to drive up the price of crude oil, gas prices are rising substantially.

“Oil prices have been very volatile. We’ve seen really an up and down roller coaster for those prices, but they are very expensive, the most expensive that we have seen in a number or years,” said Megan Cooper, a AAA representative.

Last week, the average cost of gas in Tennessee rose 43 cents per gallon.

Statewide, the average price of gas is three dollars and 87 cents per gallon, 72 cents higher than last month’s average.

At the Raceway on Broad Street, gas is currently three dollars and seventy-nine cents, per gallon. That is only eighteen cents lower than the highest average gas price ever recorded in Chattanooga.

“If things continue, if crude oil prices remain high, we could potentially get pretty close to what the record high is for Tennessee, at the moment.”

According to polling data, Tennessee drivers are considering carpooling, errand consolidation, and driving less altogether in response to gas prices.

To save money, AAA recommends taking measures to preserve fuel economy, such as driving at lower speeds.

“Take a look at your daily commute. If you can avoid driving on some of those highways or interstates and maybe take some back roads, that can potentially help you out, as well.”

While gas prices are high, Chattanooga remains the cheapest metro market in the state.

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