A new nation-wide study ranks Chattanooga 2nd for entry level job hiring

It is the season for graduation and millions of educated people are preparing to transition into the workforce.

Post-pandemic, many people have shifted their views on work life balance and quit their jobs for a change, leading to what is now called “The Great Resignation”.

According to a new study published by the leading job networking site Linkedin, Chattanooga is ranked second in the nation for hiring entry level positions.

Wednesday afternoon, companies Boeing and BASF held hiring events for people looking to start a new career.

James Mills is a process technician for BASF. He originally got his degree in digital media. He switched careers about seven years ago.

“It can be intimidating to want to switch your job. Especially if you’ve been with the same company for a long time, but a lot of times changing careers or companies is the best way to advance,” Mills said.

Chattanooga ranked higher on the list for hiring growth rate than Denver, Nashville, and New York City.

Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce Charles Woods said that on top of high entry level hiring rates, our unemployment rate is lower than he’s seen it in awhile.

“We haven’t really seen this in a long time. I saw our unemployment rate is 2.9%. In the market, which is incredibly low, we’ve had a number of people who left the workforce, particularly females, due to childcare and some other issues that came out through COVID. So, lots of companies are having to really evaluate how they’re trying to keep employees from a retention perspective, we’ve actively been saying that retention is the new recruitment,” Woods said.

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