Angry father arrested at Cumberland County school


Michael Dale challenges the police version of the confrontation.

His partner claims the SRO has a personal grudge against them.

She says Dale was carrying a “tool” not a weapon.

Here is the video they posted of the incident.

CROSSVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – Crossville Police say a man was arrested at an Elementary School this week after an angry confrontation with officials.

WVLT TV reports that Michael Dale came to Glenn Martin Elementary on Monday, demanding that they release his child to him.

But Dale had already been banned from the school.

He claimed that he never was notified, but the SRO says he informed Dale himself.

Dale threatened to call police and charge school officials with kidnapping.

He did, but the officers arrested him instead.

Officers say they found a metal baton on Dale.

They charged him with criminal trespassing and carrying a weapon at school.

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