Baylor’s Caleb Hampton Looking to Become a College Dual Sport Threat at Stanford

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) You rarely see many athletes talented enough to play two sports in college, especially at a power five conference.
But Baylor’s Caleb Hampton will give it to go.
He has committed to play football and baseball at Stanford.
News 12’s Brian Armstrong caught up with the dual-sport threat.

Said Baylor football coach Erik Kimrey: “He makes me look cool as a football coach. I just hand him the ball, and he does great things”

Baylor’s Caleb Hampton has had a dream since he was a little kid to play baseball and football at the highest level.

Said Hampton: “Started playing baseball when I was three, football when I was eight and I just found our passports. I just wanted to, I’ve always made a goal to for myself to play sports at the highest level. So I just continue to support that goal.”

He now has a chance to play at the collegian level as he is signing February 1st to play both sports at Stanford.

Said Baylor baseball coach Mike Kinney”Just the idea of getting it to go to Stanford one of the best institutions in the country of another world and be able to go there and play two sports. It speaks the outstanding attributes of the young man has in all areas. Academically athletically spiritually the whole piece is he’s the real deal.

Said Hampton:”Just the opportunity they were really pumped and excited and that really was what stood out to me.”

Hampton says when he decided to commit to Stanford it was a family decision.

Said Hampton: I did have a great relief knowing that I don’t have to worry about any other colleges. Just talking with family made me feel feel better. They were like this is a great opportunity not just for you but for your children. This is generational sale. I looked at that I go to the recording me it was a great guy and always checking on me. Very excited about the upcoming baseball season as well so that’s what really stood out to me as well..

Said Kinney:”The quality of athlete is for everyone to see what the quality of character that the young man brings is a tremendous asset to our team and our school. We’re just privileged to have them here with us.”

Hampton adds he knows it will be a lot of hard work but Baylor has prepared him for this.

Said Hampton:”Baylor school is very challenging as well. They really prepared me for the challenge so I’m very excited and very pumped for the academic challenges at Stanford.”

Said Kimrey: “Stanford is the model of excellence. There are a few great institutes and that ranks near the top and we feel the same way about Baylor school.”

Said Kinney: “Caleb’s consistency as a person and as a student and as a player as what makes him who he is.”

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