Beer Board Issues Letter of Reprimand to The Signal

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — On April 29, Police Officers were allegedly preventing from entering The Signal music venue during a high school prom.

“The police officer has testimony here that he was told to leave the property if he did not surrender his weapon,” said a board member.

But Signal Staff say the officers were not kept out of the venue. Rather, they were asked not to post inside of the building.

“I recommended that the officers stand outside. Whether they took that as our entire property or our entire premises, I think that was left up for speculation. But I never, I would never kick anyone out,” said Nolan Putzke, Venue Manager at the Signal.

If true, preventing law enforcement from entering would be a violation of the Signal’s beer permit.

“According to the permit, the county and the city policemen can come on [The Signal’s] premises,” said a member of the Board.

But Signal staff claim they were operating in compliance with their insurance policy.

“Denies access to any portion of the premises at which the sale of beer is permitted, whether or not that portion of the premises is used for the sale of beer, to any policeman or inspector,” said City Attorney Emily O’Donnell, reading from the insurance policy.

“If something happens, and they were there, the insurance company would deny coverage,” said a Board Member.

After considering the reasoning of Signal Staff, the beer board passed a motion to deliver a letter of reprimand.

Despite the letter, the Signal will retain their beer permit.

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