Beer Board Revokes The Blue Light Bar License, Owner Appeals

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – “I think what we’ve all witnessed here conclusively is a witch hunt and my beer permit was just revoked for no reason,” says The Blue Light bar owner Brian Joyce.

The Blue Light opened in Chattanooga’s Station Street this August. Following complaints to the beer board and after hearing from police officers and the property manager Thursday morning, the beer board voted to have his license revoked.

The property manager, Merri Hurn with Second Story Real Estate Management, also said they have issued an eviction notice.

“The safety and security of this establishment, of the Choo Choo, is our priority,” Hurn says.

“I just want to bring up that this is continuing. We even had another incident this past weekend.”

Police officers showed body cam footage showing a fight taking place on the balcony and into the street but Joyce is adamant the physical altercation did not take place inside his bar, and he provided his own security footage to prove it. Joyce says there are other motivating factors to kick his bar out.

“I think clearly there’s been an agenda against us from day one. I think a lot of it has to do with race. People have testified so under oath that they don’t appreciate the element of crowd that I’m bringing to station street,” Joyce says.

The owner of the Comedy Catch, which neighbors The Blue Light, spoke before the beer board as well.

Joyce’s lawyer, Zachery Darnell, asked the owner Michael Alfano to clarify what he meant when he called the the bar a Hip Hop Club.

“I would say the lyrics, the videos, the attitudes, the culture, is, that’s it. I’ll leave it at that,” said Alfano.

Following the vote to revoke the beer license, Joyce and his lawyer vow to immediately appeal the ruling, keeping The Blue Light up and running.

“As soon as it is filed with the court clerk, we will serve it to the city and the blue light will remain open and I anticipate the appeal will be filed soon enough so as not to interrupt any business this weekend,” says Darnell.

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