Bledsoe Co Softball Finishes Regular Season With Sizzling 25-1 Record

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) The Bledose County softball team barely finished over five-hundred last year.
And now this year, they’re almost unbeatable. The Warriors just completed the regular season with a 25-1 record.

Reporter”When you say 25-1, does that. Do you kind of.”
Said pitcher Ella Baker:”It turns heads that’s for sure.” (laughter)
Reporter:”Does that stun you to hear that kind of record?”
Said head coach Mary Melton:”Um. Yeah it does. I tell them. When we were 15-0 or 17-0. I was like to be that in softball whenver you are playing as many games as softball plays, that’s huge.”
So how did Bledsoe County produce that kind of record?
Said outfielder Caylin Swafford:”Um. I don’t know. People just showed up and showed out.”
The Warriors offense has showed out for sure…scoring double digit runs in 17 of their 26 games.
Said Baker:”One of my best friends also hits a lot of home runs. Every game if I hit one out, she’s hitting one out. Or like tonight, she hit one out, and then the next inning I came up and hit one out. It’s crazy.”
Said Melton:”We have a deep lineup. If they don’t have the power, then they’ve got the speed.”
The Warriors appear to have it all.
Power. Speed. And pitching.
That combo leads to high expectations.
Said Baker:”We want to go all the way. We have a 25-1 record right now, so that’s way better than last year. Now it’s go all the way and win sta

2011 was the Warriors last trip to Sping Fling.
Said Melton:”I think if they continue to work hard and grow, we can go the distance.”

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