Boyd Buchanan’s Kate Wood Delivers Impressive Flip-Throw on the Soccer Pitch

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) You rarely see anyone attempt a flip-throw in soccer…even on the professional level. But there was Boyd Buchanan’s Kate Wood last week, doing the somersault pass three times in the second half against Silverdale.

Said Wood:”I used to be a gymnast, and I also do cheer actually. So one day I just kind of tried it, and it worked, so I decided it would be a good idea to incorporate that into games.”
Said head coach Todd Ledbetter:”So she did it on the stadium field, and we saw how effective and how far it went, and I though this might be a weapon we could use later on in the season. The idea is to get more distance into how far you can throw it.”
Said midfielder Siena Jones:”I can barely throw the ball like what 15 yards, so anybody that can get that high and that far with that much power. It’s just kind of crazy.”
Said Wood:”First of all I have to make sure that my hands aren’t wet, and the ball is not wet, so I wipe it on my jersey. I basically just face towards where I want to go and hold the ball. And just. I don’t even know. Just throw it.” (laughs)
Said Ledbetter:”Against Notre Dame their field is really narrow, so I told her hey, I think that you can just throw it straight into the goal, and she did. That was one of the goals that we had against them. She just threw it in, and the goalie misjudged it and tipped it, and it went in.”
Reporter:”And it just looks cool.”
Said Ledbetter:”It. It is. It does look cool yeah.” (chuckles)
Said Jones:”Immediately teams are like. Oh my goodness! Whoa! Like what’s she doing. You know sometimes they say. They’re like that’s too fancy. This is soccer. We’ll just kind of laugh with them, and sometimes we’ll put a goal in there on them.”
Reporter:”Have you ever seen another girl try it?”
Said Wood:”I don’t think so. I don’t think I have.”
Reporter:”How come nobody else on the team is doing it?”
Said Jones:”Uh the flip-throw? (chuckles) We can barely do cartwheels. Um-hmm. It would not be pretty. Yeah.”

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