Bradley Central High School Celebrates Bearettes State Championship

Cleveland, TN-(WDEF-TV) Bradley Central celebrated the Bearettes state championship Friday, and News 12’s Brian Armstrong was there for the party.

Said forward Hannah Jones: I mean, I’ve walked around the hallways all day and all you hear is congratulations, congratulations.I know.It never gets old.

Bradley Central girls basketball is still basketin the glory of a state title.

Said Jones: Really nothing compares to it all.The games I’ve won.This one definitely is the top.
Said senior ShamiyaFrancis: For us to all come together.Like, just being here, being in this moment,having it as a moment, it was surreal.
Said senior Erika Swick: Random people coming up to you, the celebrations, just the feeling of excitement and knowing that you accomplished something.
Said sophomore Harmonie Ware: That was my first time ever went to State, and so it was just a lot of emotions and mostly excitement, though.
Carpenter: After all the hard work and time we put into it, it’s really special to us.

When the clock hit zero, the girls were able to celebrate with one another.

Said Jones: Fouled out prior to that, so it already sunk in. I was like, okay, we just got to win or I’m going to be mad that I fell out on my last game. But I was on the benches, coach Chinsleyand we were just like, sitting there.We’re like, oh, my gosh, we just won.And I just couldn’t wait to hug my teammates and just celebrate with each other.

Said Swick: We had no idea. I saw her.I just turned my head and saw my best friend and ran up to her. It was a great moment.

Bradley Central School had a special ceremony to honor the girls state title, and it’s allowing the girls to relive the winning moments again.

Said Francis: I replay it in my mind.I’m like, this is not real.Like, I’m still trying to process every single day.
Said point guard Sloan Carpenter:It cannot get out of my mind. It’s just so exciting.

Said freshman Kimora Fields: I’m going to explain it.It’s just like we’re still in all, even though, Imean, it happened last two weeks ago, last week.And so it’s just great to be able to play with this team and the bond that we have is just amazing.And it’s like you’ll never get these moments back.

And the senior class is leaving not only with a state title, but also help show the way to the underclassmen, I hope us as seniors, they took something from us and they learned and they use it to their advantage.They’ve been great leaders, and so I’m just very grateful to be able to play under them.Me being one of the youngest, I mean,they’ve definitely shown me how to get through.

Said head coach Jason Reuter:Our seniors never once didn’t give me their best effort.And sometimes actions mean a lot more than words and that’s this bunch led by example,which is important because people at the assembly are already booking the event for next year.A lot of pressure on me here today.Every speaker got up, said, let’s make this a date.Next year, same place, same time.That will be our goal, to see that we are the ones that are getting a banner put up.It’s just great.And we’re we’re looking forward to putting more banners up.

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