Bradley County Commissioners vote unanimously against President Biden’s vaccine mandate

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF)- First District Bradley County Commissioner Mike Hughes made a motion for Bradley County to oppose President Biden’s vaccine mandate.

“The motion passes.”

Hughes said this motion and vote was made as a stance of support for those opposed to vaccine mandates.

“They were in complete agreement that they agree on the vaccination but they just don’t agree with the mandate of it and how it’s going about,” said Hughes.

Multiple commissioners said they hope the Tennova Corporation takes notice of Bradley County’s thoughts on vaccine mandates.

“Hoping that corporate for Tennova hears this and re-thinks what they’re doing because there is a shortage of nurses and we need to take care of our nurses,” said Hughes.

All those who spoke were against vaccine mandates.

“And my mother born and raised in Germany recently she said this is becoming so much like Nazi Germany.”

“What we see happening here it’s like a nightmare, it’s like déjà vu. It’s repeating itself. Our freedoms are being lost. Just the forcing things, this is the stuff that happened during communism.”

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