Bradley County Kidnapping and Child Abuse Arrest

BRADLEY COUNTY (WDEF) – “I never cease to be amazed that something like this would happen. We just don’t do this. We’re grown adults,” says Bradley County Sheriff Steve Lawson.
An admittedly angered but resolved Sheriff Lawson pledges to get to the bottom of an investigation that resulted in the arrest of two men for kidnapping and aggravated child abuse.
A 13-year-old was allegedly handcuffed, forcefully taken from his home then smacked, thrown to the ground and forced to run laps at Bradley Central High School.
Sheriff Lawson is certain there is someone else calling the shots.
“I question myself as I was thinking just last night, does this happen to anybody else? Is this our first rodeo that we’ve done a kid like this or have we been set up? And who called the shots? Who set this all up to him? What I’ve asked my investigators to do is check out every lead,”says Sheriff Lawson.
Investigators say Tristan Palmer of Madisonville and Gabriel Black of Cleveland were dressed in military style uniforms complete with loaded 9 mm handguns during the incident.
They told authorities they were hired to “work the kid and give him a boot camp” and are employed by a fugitive recovery program.
Sheriff Lawson urges anyone with information to call Bradley County Sheriff’s Detectives at 423-728-7336.
“I myself am aggravated. I think the general public is aggravated. Any body that had a hand in this or had knowledge of this ought to be charged,” Lawson says.

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