Bradley County working to combat Covid-19

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tenn (WDEF) – Averaging 77 new cases per day and with an active case count of over 1,000.

Bradley County is feeling the impact of the ongoing pandemic, causing the community and school system to make quick, but necessary, adjustments.”

“ It’s December and January all over again,” says Mayor Gary Davis, Bradley County.

Bradley County Mayor, Gary Davis is asking all residents to do whatever they can to protect themselves- wear a mask and get vaccinated.

“So far the numbers of people in the hospital – a very small percentage of them have been vaccinated. So that tells me the vaccination is working. It’s not 100% of course, nothing is. If you have been vaccinated you are much less likely to go to the hospital and more likely to have a less severe case,” says Mayor Davis.

Mayor Davis is encouraging residents to avoid the emergency room unless it is a life-threatening emergency because the hospital in Cleveland is now overwhelmed. 

“The ER and our ambulance services are always busy with other things and now because of Covid. They are both just overrun. It’s not a pretty sight either in the ambulance service or the hospital,” says Mayor Davis. 

Due to the high case count,  Bradley County schools has released an adjusted 4 scenario covid-19 plan with the 4th scenario being the shut down of schools for disinfecting and cleaning. 

“With where we are with our current legislation. We do have to use our stockpile day when we shut down. Our students can no longer do remote learning. So when we shut down we shut down. That is the reason that we are enhancing and stressing the mitigation strategies because we know in-person learning works,” says Brittany Cannon, Communications for Bradley County.

The school system is currently in scenario 2 which still requires in-person learning for students –but with enhanced safety measures. 

Neither The school system nor the county is requiring masks at this time, but they are strongly encouraging them. To stay up to date on covid-19, click here

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