Brett Rodgers Delivers Heart and Leadership For Silverdale

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) “Exceptional athlete on the field, handles and distributes the ball really well or other play-makers on the team.”

Silverdale head coach Mike Connor calls his quarterback Brett Rodgers an extremely respectful young man, shown on full display during Rodgers interview.

Said Connor:”His heart, his leadership, his competitiveness all those factors contribute to the success we’ve had this year.”

Rodgers transferred in to Silverdale Baptist academy as a sophomore and has been able to lead the team the past 2 years.

Said Connor:”I think he plays more for his teammates then he did to prove himself early on so he has more other centered than he’s ever been.”

He has to overcome what Silverdale calls the twin thieves. The fear of Judgement and the fear of failure.

Said Rodgers:”Fear of failure was a big one for me because we had Turner here before me it was a really good quarterback and then I came in. Everybody, nobody know when you do you have to prove yourself to everyone and when you feel you’re also if you’re into that judgment that it comes with.”

Said Connor:”He had to overcome that and not worry about those things that he could experience the blessing of playing with a great team.”

Most of the time Rodgers and his lineman are in the same page but sometimes they need to bail each other out.

Said offensive lineman Kyle Shoemaker:”He makes it especially easy on us o lineman because when we mess up he can make us right. Of course anytime we mess up he usually takes it for like a 40 yard scramble so it’s pretty nice.”

Said Rodgers:”I’m sure I have escape the pocket with the pockets Glenn, I’m really bad about not stepping up on the pockets clean and then falling right into the pressure is on point that it’s all goodbye the way. We try to stay on the positive side and step up when they block a right and if I do make up I just tell them that I believe in them and we’ll get them next time.”

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