Can you protect yourself from Pegasus spyware on your phone?

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – If you own a smartphone, chances are you’re being spied on.

“I just think it’s the norm,” argues Chattanooga attorney, Terry Olsen.

But Pegasus is taking these spying capabilities to a whole new level.
Pegasus is spyware developed by the NSO Group, out of Israel.
The spyware was only to be used to gather information on people of interest, like terrorist suspects.
But now there’s reason to believe that this spyware was bought by repressive governments to spy on everyone from businessmen to heads of state.
And there’s a good shot that you might have this software on your device without you even knowing about it.
“Most people do not want to be honest about what they think. They don’t want to tell any marketing company about what they think about products. So then a marketing company is going to do what? Find other ways to what? To listen in,” explains Olsen.
He says that there is little legal protections out there to ensure that your device won’t be targeted – and due to the stealthy nature of the software, its extremely difficult to tell if it exists on your phone.
“The very software that our government uses to spy or to look at any types of threat is actually going to be used or is being used by actual marketing companies on us now,” he says.
There are some things you can do to make you safer from hacks. Keeping your devices and software up to date by activating “automatic updates” in your settings is the best thing you can do.
“We as ourselves, individuals, report on each other and take things out of context. Why should we expect our government when our government is made up of us?”
The Guardian has said that it will be releasing a full list in the coming days that include names of high profile people that have been targeted by the Pegasus ransomware.
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