Candidates face off in first debate for Georgia Governor

ATLANTA (WDEF) – The first debate tonight among candidates for Governor of Georgia was a three person event.

Governor Brian Kemp, Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams and Libertarian Shane Hazel faced off in Atlanta.

It was a rematch for Kemp and Abrams after a contentious race in 2018, narrowly won by Kemp.

Sparks flew over issues like the economy, crime and abortion.

Our edited video clip started over a question of Sheriff’s endorsements but grew into accusations over racial justice and defunding police.

Some other examples:

Abrams claimed “the most dangerous thing facing Georgia is four more years of Brian Kemp.”

Hazel asked the Governor if he wished to apologize for his Covid response, accusing him of pushing “a vaccine that was untested on people and it has killed people.”

In reply, Gov. Kemp said Abrams attacked because she didn’t want to talk about her own record and her connections to President Bidn.

As for the Covid question, he simply said Hazel was “gravely mistaken.”

The most recent CBS tracking poll shows that Kemp has a 6 percentage point lead over Abrams at this point.

The debate came after the first day of early voting in Georgia for the November election.

This is the first major election with the new and controversial Election Integrity Act rules, which include restrictions on absentee voting.

At some polling places today, voters faced up to a two hour wait to vote early.

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