Catoosa County Fire Department Acquires New Search & Rescue Truck

RINGGOLD, Georgia (WDEF) – Catoosa County Fire Department is showing off their new, heavy engine truck.

This Search and Rescue truck holds more equipment to adjust for the firefighter’s advanced skills.

After 9/11, Homeland Security gave a grant to the state of Georgia to fund the Georgia Search and Rescue.

There is about one million dollars worth of equipment on board.

The fire department is able to handle all kinds of rescues locally, regionally, or statewide.

Daniel Walston, Asst. Chief of Operations at Catoosa County Fire Department says, “Before we got this truck, there were some neighboring departments that have a lot of equipment that we could’ve utilized, but just being able to have our own equipment closer to our community. We’ll better assist if we have something local. We can get those resources to them quicker.”

This Search and Rescue truck is one of ten across the state of Georgia.

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