Catoosa County officials, voters discuss Georgia runoff

Voting "steady" in Northwest Georgia Tuesday, some not confident in either candidate

CATOOSA COUNTY, Georgia (WDEF) — Polls have just closed state-wide for the Georgia Senate runoff election between Incumbent Raphael Warnock and Challenger Herschel Walker.

Voters in Georgia will not be the only ones anxious to see the results of tonight’s election, as the race has garnered national attention after neither candidate received at least 50 percent of votes needed to win in November.

On Election Day, Catoosa County Spokesman John Pless discussed the state of voting in his district.

He says lines were steady early on election day in Northwest Georgia — nothing too exciteable and no one waiting extensively to cast their ballot.

Pless says while his district typically votes conservative, he believes this election is “up for grabs.”

“Georgia has turned into a purple state state-wide,” Pless said. “So I think what you’re going to have now is a battle for the independent voters — can one party get more independent voters on a particular election? It seems like that’s where we’re going with the state of Georgia.”

News 12 spoke with a local voter Tuesday afternoon who says she believes neither candidate is particularly stronger than the other and she voted for who she believes is the “lesser of two evils.”

Votes are now ready to be counted, seemingly with the eyes of the entire nation watching and waiting.

News 12 will provide live updates on tonight’s runoff as we are provided them.

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