CCS Coach Mark Mariakis Approaching 40 Years in Coaching Profession



Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Mark Mariakis will lead CCS against Baylor Friday night.
Mariakis has been coaching for 37 years, in what has proven to be a rewarding profession.

In college, Mark Mariakis says he was a criminal justice major….for about two weeks. He flipped to education. Later was a volunteer coach at McCallie, and was sold on working with young people.
Said Mariakis:”There’s a real intimacy to dealing with kids in the environment that coaches deal with them.”
Best coaching advice?
Said Mariakis:”Don’t get caught up in the scoreboard and the wins and losses as your identity. If you allow that, you won’t make it in this profession.”
When Mariakis was the head coach at Ridgeland, he coached Vonn Bell, who is now in the NFL.
Said Mariakis:”I think what was the most impressive thing about Vonn was watching him become a student of the game. There’s a lot of athletes playing football. Those athletes don’t become an NFL player without becoming a student of the game. Those guys are smart.”
Mariakis has met plenty of college coaches, including the top name in the game.
Markiakis:”Coach (Nick) Saban recruited two of our kids at Ridgeland. Me and him were doing or drawing X’s and O’s on a piece of paper about defense one time. I thought I am sitting here drawing X’s and O’s, and he is listening to me. Not that. He acts like he cares. But we were drawing X’s and O’s about coverages. I’ve still got that piece of paper kind of stuck in an envelope.”
Mariakis is also a minister, and he pulls many sermons from the game he coaches.
Said Mariakis:”And people have said that have heard me preach that you sound like a pregame speech going on. But yeah the bible has a lot of stories in there about athleticism and determination and all those gritty words that makes for a good sermon.”

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