Celebrating National Pi Day with STEM Activities from Local Learning Center

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF): Today is National Pi Day! There are many ways to celebrate. You can eat pizza or pie, but the best way to celebrate is to challenge yourself mentally.

Sylvan Learning in Chattanooga demonstrated Pi Day activities that the whole family can do. They emphasize the importance of STEM activities especially in young students. One demonstration is Circle Art where children use only circles to draw an animal or scene.

John Peoples, Center Director at Sylvan Learning Chattanooga says, “The way the world is changing, science and technology are growth industries. Therefore, start students out early with a love for mathematics which of course, they will need in a STEM type job. A love for math breeds a love for science as well.”

Activities include:

  • Circle Art:Have children create pictures using only colored circles. Find circular objects and trace them. Use different colors and try to create a representation of an animal, scene, etc.
  • Pi Sentence Challenge: Challenge your child to write sentences using the digits in pi to represent the number of letters in each word! The rules are simple. The number of letters has to correspond to the digits in pi, and the sentence has to make sense. For example, Wow I Said. (3 letters in Wow, 1 letter in I, 4 letters in Said.)
  • Pi Day Chain:Make a pi chain out of strips of construction paper to reinforce the idea that some numbers never repeat or end. Assign a color to each digit, including zero, and then link the paper circles of those colors into a chain using the digits of pi as a guide. The first strip, representing the first number 3, should be wider than the rest. All the other strips are the same size.
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