Central High media class learns about the news and then presents it to the school

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A few familiar faces from our news station were invited to speak to a media class at Central High School today.

Partnering with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, News 12’s Chip Chapman and Andy Santoro spoke to the students about the evolving work of local news and journalism.

The Sheriff’s office explained how they work side by side with the media.

The students also shared with News 12 all about their school newspaper and newscast.

Student media crew manager Logan Stegenaier told us “You hear these things on the news but you don’t always hear the other aspect. Like the student news. You don’t see what’s actually going on. The purpose of the media crew that we’re doing hear and the purpose of the digest is to keep people informed about what’s going on.”

Every year, a student in the media class is awarded the Luther Masingill Journalist of the Year Award.

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