CEO wants Volkswagen to make an electric pickup for America

(WDEF) – In an interview with Business Insider, the CEO of Volkswagen Group of America teases us that he thinks his company really should make an electric pickup truck for America.


Of course, Ford’s F-150 Lightning and Chevy’s Silverado EV are kings of the electric pickup world now, but a flood of other options are about to hit the U.S market.


Volkswagen is in the process of “charging” up their lineup with new electric offerings.


So Scott Keogh says it is the chance of a lifetime for TV to jump in.


The only pickup they make now is gas powered and available only in Europe.


But this could give them a foothold that they are struggling to find in the electric SUV wars.


The company has posted a concept version of the ID. Buzz cut down from a van to a pickup.  But there are no serious plans to make it a reality at this point.

Buzz Pickup


Keogh told Business Inside that a new pickup concept is something they are looking at, but he had nothing to announce at this point.


He says the excitement that Ford is seeing over their Maverick line of compact pickups and the electric F-150 shows there is an opportunity here for Volkswagen.


If American consumers are looking for electric pickups, they may be open to new versions.


Which is why GMC and a new California company, Rivian, are designing their own versions.


As a European based company, VW has always been skeptical about pickups, which are loved here in the U.S.


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