CFC Captain Juan Hernandez Reaches Club Milestone Playing His 100th Match

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Chattanooga FC has gone through many changes throughout the club’s 12 years. However, one thing has remained constant — and that’s team captain Juan Hernandez. News 12’s Angela Moryan has his story.

Said head coach Peter Fuller: “There’s a special place for Juan I think in everybody’s heart.”

Midfielder Juan Hernandez put on a Chattanooga FC jersey six years ago and hasn’t worn another one since.

Angie: “Why stay here in Chattanooga?”

Said Hernandez: “Why not? You’ve seen the club. You’ve seen it grow. You’ve see how important it is for the city, for the community. That’s pretty much what drove me here and made me want to stay. Fruit of that, I now have a wife that’s from here so why not? For me the real question is why not? Everything you want to see in a soccer club is here.”

CFC’s match against Stumptown marked Hernandez’s 100th with the Boys in Blue.

Said Hernandez: “It is a lot, especially counting that when we were in NPSL we only played in the summer, so it takes a long time and a lot of years to reach that goal.”

Said teammate Cameron Woodfin: “It just shows the loyalty and how he’s bought into what we’re trying to accomplish at CFC.”

Said Hernandez: “It’s something that when I started, you obviously don’t think about. But now looking back, I’m just grateful that I’ve been here all this time, and I grew up with this club which is what it is now which is a professional team, so it’s a great feeling for sure.”

Hernandez hasn’t been just another player on the pitch for CFC — he’s become *the* player.

Said Woodfin: “A lot of fans, they come here, they come to games because they want to see Juan play.”

Said Fuller: “The fact that he’s considered the face of the franchise is fair because of the amount of time and effort he’s put in.”

The face of the franchise and the *hair* of the scouting reports.

Said Woodfin: “I actually played against him the year before I came to Chattanooga, and all of our scouting reports were basically saying, ‘The long blonde hair guy, he’s good technically. Don’t bite, he’ll make you pay for it. He’s got really good vision.’ I think that … kind of tells you that, yeah, he’s a special player.”

Said Fuller: “He’s a terrific player, and he’s been a terrific player for the club. But until you really know Juan and understand what he’s about, he’s a far better person than player. And I think that’s why he’s going to be really successful in life because of that.”

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