CFC Coach Ready For Extended Stay Road Trip to New York

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) It’s a road swing through the state of New York this week for CFC. They head to Rochester for a game on Saturday, and then Syracuse for a match on Wednesday. The team will stay in the Empire state between matches. And as News 12s Brian Armstrong, the added down time on the road will not be an issue for CFC’s head coach.

Said head coach Rod Underwood:”It’s easy for me. I just do the same thing I always do. I mean my life, my life is really boring,” said Underwood.

Chattanooga FC has a road trip to New Your state in the next week. A game on Saturday in Rochester and a game Wednesday in Syracuse. CFC head coach Rod Underwood is trying to keep it business as usual despite staying up north for the week.

Said Underwood:”We just treat it as if we’re at home right. We treat them the same thing as if, OK, there’s a training session in the morning, lunch in the afternoon, and then they’re free. We’re trying not to change their, their normal habits every day,” said Underwood.

Even with trying to keep the typical routine, it’s still a road trip.

Said Underwood:”It does keep it somewhat normal. It’s not exactly because obviously some guys are married and with wives and kids at home so that changes things a little bit but generally we try to keep it as normal as possible,” said Underwood.

Underwood says nothing changes for him regardless of where he is in the country.

Said Underwood:”I’m a guy that wants them off the field I’m in the office or at home watching video, reading books, learning just what I do,” said Underwood.

Earlier this season, CFC made a trip out to California to play multiple games, Underwood says this trip is far easier.

Said Underwood:”It’s not as far. Not a lot of early morning flights not a three hour time difference. It’s at least we’re in the same time zone,” said Underwood.

He adds he and the team learned from the California trip, what worked well, and what didn’t work as well.

Said Underwood:”We learn every day right I mean the whole idea is can we learn every day can we be a little bit better every day and for number one, it’s managing your time when we’re down in the travel between games from city to city. Those sorts of things are really important,” said Underwood.

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