Chatt Prep Hopes to Continue “Sentinel-rella” Story in State Tournament

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Cinderella teams stir the most madness in March, and Chatt Prep certainly fits the cinderella story.
They’re headed to the Blue Cross state championshiops this week in just their second year of existence.
Maybe this year in Murfreesboro, Cinderella will be spelled Sentinel-rella.

A second year program making state is incredible, but what’s even more incredible.
Chatt Prep has no juniors or seniors on the team.
Said head coach Christoffer Collins:”I mean again. It’s very. I can’t say surprising. It’s mind-blowing because I don’t have a guy on the team that has a driver’s license.”
Said sophomore Kyrell Randolph:”It’s just crazy. You don’t ever hear freshmen and sophomores going to state, so I take it as a surprise.”
Reporter:”That’s gotta give you confidence too. Hey. Look at what we’re doing.”
Said Randolph:”It really does. I don’t know. I just. I’m just. (grunts) That’s all I can say about that.”
(Grunt) is right. The Sentinels do have good height for their age, but that’s not all they have.
Said sophomore Eli Gaines:”I feel the team chemistry part and the defense. We work on our defense a lot in working on containing everybody.”
The Sentinels don’t even practice in a gym.
It’s a laboratory. Says so right on the court.
Said Collins:”The lab. If you look at the root word for it. We actually have a video for what the lab is. It’s pretty much what I wanted these gentlemen to be called. Not the gymnasium, but the lab. If you look up the root word for lab, it means a place for labor. A place for work. This is where the guys come in and put in the work and get results.”
The state tournament will be especially sweet for Coach Collins.
Said Collins:”The sucker. It’s just me having something in my hand to eat. It’s a way to keep my nerves calm. Keep myself cool. I used to have cotton candy in a fun size jar, and I used to pick through it in the game. I used to pick through it especially if a referee made a bad call. It keeps me from barking at the referees as well.”
Who can take a bad call…mix it with some love. The candy man can.
Said Collins:”We are just going to go up there and compete most definitely. We are going to enjoy this moment man and just have fun. Take advantage of this opportunity. We’re just going to run with it.”

Chatt Prep faces Fayetteville Wednesday at 2:15est in the quarterfinals.

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