Chattanooga building inspector discusses tenant concerns

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Following the condo collapse in Surfside, Florida, a growing number of apartment tenants have expressed concern over the stability of their
own buildings.

Today, News 12 sat down with a building inspector for the city of
Chattanooga, who broke down what you should look out for.

“When there starts to be large gaps in the crack, when things start to sag,” says Dallas Rucker, with the Chattanooga land development office.

And if you do see something that raises eyebrows, Rucker says
not to hesitate to call.

“We will be happy to investigate if anyone has any issues they’re
worried about.”

If they find something, Rucker says they make sure that they’re quick to act.

“Usually if we find anything we notify the property owner, let them
know that they need to contact an engineer to create a solution.”

But he did mention some things that weren’t worth calling in about.

“Small hairline cracks are not necessarily bad.”

And if you live in a newer building, Rucker says you shouldn’t worry.

“Most of your newer construction, we have good codes in effect. I
think our department does a good job with inspections.”

But at the end of the day, tragedies can and do happen, so always be aware.

“Always something that could happen, you know? If it’s manmade, it
could be a problem.”

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