Chattanooga City Council denies short term vacation rental permits on Jefferson

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – Two different resident owners on Jefferson St were denied a short term vacation rental permit by the city council. Multiple residents sent letters and or spoke at the meeting of why they objected to the short term rentals coming to the area.

“We’re just a friendly family neighborhood. We’re all great friends and vacation together. Go out to dinner together and we just wanted to keep it that way,” said resident Jennifer Ray.

“We get to see everyone we know, our neighbors. We talk to them on a daily basis. We’ve got Airbnb‘s behind us. We see them regularly and those people, I don’t know who they are. My kids playing at Alii. They also play in the street. Now we’re gonna have more folks that we don’t know who they are,”

Derek Taylor with Bellanova said his client purchased the home with the intent of turning it into an Airbnb and they felt they addressed the community and council’s concerns regarding noise and parties.

“We use 24 seven noise monitoring hardware technology so that is the level that goes above our threshold or mediately notified 24 seven and we can prevent that from happening,” said Taylor.

Council members say they denied the request due to the amount of pushback from the Jefferson community.

“Definitely understand the visions that the Airbnb managers and people that own it want to take but this community definitely is in need of some work especially due to traffic. I’ve had some issues there myself,” said Councilmember Anthony Byrd.

“When I start to see these maps I start to see a saturation and I just think it’s some point we’re gonna have to have a serious talk about a number of these businesses located there taking homes,” said Councilmember Darrin Ledford.

Taylor believes his client will likely sell the house due to being denied the permit.

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