Chattanooga Community Kitchen rebrands to ‘Chatt Foundation’ on 40th anniversary

20221021 140127It’s been forty years since the first meal was served by Chattanooga Community Kitchen. Now, the organization does so much more than just provide meals.

In an effort to showcase their vast amount of resources ranging from housing to job training, the non-profit has been renamed The Chatt Foundation,

The center’s new name is meant to symbolize how they can provide a full foundation for someone to get back on their feet.

Baron King is the CEO of Chatt Foundation he said the organization needed a name that could meet various the needs of the homeless population.

“But when you ask people what we do, they say, ‘Well, I think they’re just a soup kitchen’. We’re involved in a lot more. We’re involved in education. We’re involved in health care. We’re involved in housing, job training, job placement. So we felt like we needed a name that was going to carry us into the next 40 years so people have a more accurate understanding of everything that we’re involved in in the fight against homelessness,” said King.


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