Chattanooga Council passes city budget

Includes pay-raise, money for paving, affordable homes & homeless programs

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Chattanooga’s City Council has approved a new budget for the coming year.

Mayor Kelly’s Office say it provides money for more road paving, affordable housing and fighting homelessness.

They say it also includes a 3% cost of living raise for essential city workers, which raises the minimum wage for them to $15.45 an hour.

“I’ve long said that Chattanooga has the potential to be the greatest city in the country, and by funding initiatives at the core of the One Chattanooga plan, we are now one important step closer to making that vision a reality,” said Mayor Tim Kelly. “I want to thank the Chattanooga City Council for their partnership as we move full steam ahead to make our city a place where all residents can thrive and prosper.”

The budget is available for the public to view at

“The city’s steadfast stewardship of taxpayer dollars allowed us to develop a fiscally sound budget that includes unprecedented investments in the things that matter most to Chattanoogans — affordable housing, public safety, better roads, and better government,” said Brent Goldberg, the city’s chief financial officer.

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