Chattanooga creator of Songlorius success leads to Shark Tank

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Ellen was a Starbucks barista and Omayya was a railroad employee. Both were part-time musicians.

“We deliver personalized studio-quality songs so it sounds like something you hear on the radio and all the songs are original,” said Omayya Atout.
“If somebody wants this song all they have to do is go to our website, they get to pick a genre, pick a song they want, they get to pick an artist if they want or one of the artists will take on their order,” said Ellen Atout.
Shortly after the pandemic hit, traditional music opportunities disappeared. However, this Chattanooga couple had a different idea, Songlorius.
“It all started when they made a custom song for a friend’s wedding. People loved it so they thought this could be a way for people to create music and create a different revenue stream for a music artist,” said Omayya.
It was pretty cool and we knew the power that music had to make people feel emotional. Then the pandemic started and we’re like hey let’s start a website and see what kind of demand there is for this.
It’s been a huge success as they have generated over $2.2 million in revenue.
Over 160 musicians have joined, which is creating an additional revenue stream for the artist.
“One of the main reasons artists were contacting us, in the beginning, was that all the venues are closed. So their main source of income if you’re not Justin Bieber is usually from live music.  So with that gone, people are coming to us looking for work and even though that it’s starting to open back up again, it’s still insanely difficult for musicians, not Justin Bieber, to make money from their songwriting,” said Ellen.
This business has become so popular they will actually be on the hit TV show Shark Tank next week. Now they’re not allowed to tell us how they did but we will find out next Friday.
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