Chattanooga Fire Department Hands Over Volkswagen Fire Investigation to Volkswagen

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Volkswagen investigators are investigating the fire that took place on their property, a fire that resulted in the evacuation of over four thousand people from their 4.2 million square foot facility in minutes.
Employees tell News 12 the on-staff fire department tried to fight the fire for 20 minutes before calling for back up.
“It takes at least 11 minutes for our fire department at station 7 to get into the side of Volkswagen just from the distance alone,” says Chattanooga Fire Department Chief Phil Hyman. “Their fire brigade was extremely covered up at the moment and we were able to identify where we were at pretty quickly and get in and assist them.”
And assistance is exactly what they got with over 15 fire trucks battling the blaze that left the entire roof of the plant billowing with smoke.
Multiple ambulances were also on hand to treat victims.
But the cause of the fire isn’t clear.
And though officials with the fire department assure us there is nothing suspicious…
“Our investigators won’t get involved in that type of investigation for that. That’s an industry that would be their responsibility to do their own investigations.”
Volkswagen investigators are taking over their own investigation.

News 12 will be speaking with Volkswagen officials and we are waiting to here from the Chattanooga Fire Department on what a response like Tuesday’s costs.

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