Chattanooga Lookouts Black ‘Nooga Jersey Becomes Popular Staple of the Team

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF-TV) – Red and white are the traditional colors of the Chattanooga Lookouts, except for a touch of blue when the team was affiliated with the Dodgers. Now Chattanooga is breaking with tradition by wearing black jerseys.

The Lookouts introduced their ‘Nooga black jerseys five years ago. They were designed as an alternative jersey to be worn sparingly. The black tops are now the popular staple of the team.

When the Lookouts showed off their new alternative ‘Nooga black jersey in 2016, they got some kids from Erlanger to help out. The kids liked’em, but apparently the ballplayers liked’em even more.

Said Lookouts general manager Rich Mozingo: “It was basically a one night a week deal where we were going to possibly wear them like on a Thursday night or something. Just to kind of make them special, but the players have really just enjoyed wearing them. They wear it all the time. It’s kind of the alternate to everything jersey now, so they can wear them on the road if the home team is in white, they’ll wear them on the road, and at home, they wear them almost exclusively now.”

Reporter: “Was it a bit surprising when the ‘Nooga almost became the main stay of the team?”

Said Mozingo: “That has been surprising. The amount of times they wear that jersey has been a surprise to us.”

It’s a fairly simple design, but there’s something unique about ‘Nooga emblazoned across the front.

Said Mozingo: “Well we just had all of the ‘Nooga strong at that point, and there was such a feeling in the city that it was such a ‘Nooga centric feeling. We kind of wanted to capture that at the time. The timing was really good for us, but it has really held on since that time. The people in Chattanooga really love Chattanooga. I think ‘Nooga really gives them the feeling of community. The feeling of our team. That whole tie together works for everybody.”

Reporter: “At what moment did you notice that hey, these jerseys are doing pretty well in the gift shop?”

Said Mozingo: “(laughs) Well this year has been spectacular in our gift shop. While in the past we’ve ordered and kind of kept up with the orders, we couldn’t keep up with orders this year.”

Reporter: “Probably exceeded you expectations?”

Said Mozingo: “Far and away exceeded our expectations. Everything ties into everything around here. We try to make sure that we have a theme going throughout that we’re not going to put something on the field that we are not going to let you buy in the gift shop. This is one of those that has really taken off for sure.”

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