Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly enthusiastic about city’s future

Kelly addressed city residents in Chattanooga's State of the City event

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — The Tivoli Theatre opened its doors to all, as Chattanoogans gathered to hear about the city’s current status, as well
as what to expect moving forward at Thursday’s State of the City event.

Former Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams discussed leveraging property assets to further revitalize the city’s economy, saying there’s a potential to “innovate” regarding changes to government finances.

“Every single parcel of government-owned assets … getting a mentality where those assets are used [and] managed professionally to create a return of your community — that needs to be the expectation, not the exception,” McAdams said.

After one year in office, Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly said he felt “blessed” to be in office at a time when the city is seeing “an influx of federal dollars.”

While he said Chattanooga is in “good fiscal shape,” there’s more he wants to see accomplished.

In particular, he wants to see his One Chattanooga strategy take flight.

“Dr. King didn’t say, ‘I have a plan,'” Kell said. “He said, ‘I have a dream.’ The ‘why’ here is One Chattanooga — one Chattanooga that works for everybody. The thing is it’s not song and dance — it is possible. We can close these gaps and achieve this and make Chattanooga the best city in America. I’m really excited about it.”

In regard to the future, Kelly spoke of a “parks master plan” and said Chattanooga is “sitting on a ton of surplus property,” which could lead to “more rent spaces.”

The coming years are looking bright to Kelly and he hopes residents are ready for what’s next.

“The state of the city is strong and the state of the city will be even stronger this year, so thank you,” Kelly said. “You should be proud of your city and I promise you, as your mayor, you’ll be even prouder of it in the days to come.”

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