Chattanooga Mocs Kick Off Spring Football Practice in Early February

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) The Mocs are trying to make February a spring month, by starting up spring football practice.
Why such an early start?
News 12’s Brian Armstrong springs into action for some spring football answers.

Chattanooga Mocs football is getting an early jump on spring football practice

Said receiver Sam Phillips: I actually don’t want to be in the weight room for real for real. I’d rather be on the field running routes out here with my Boys

Said head coach Rusty Wright: Give us some time to get it finished, so some things and get back in the weight room. We’re such a young group we only have like 11 or 12 seniors so I thought it was important for us to be able to get back in the weight room and finish this semester.

Said Person: Obviously it’s a little bit colder and we don’t have as much time to put in the weight room as we want to but it feels pretty good still.

Quarterback Preston Hutchison is now gone which means there are multiple players competing for the new starting role at the QB position.

Said Wright: There’s battles in every position pretty much except for one or two. This is our first opportunity these guys. We change some things up practice wise to make these guys live a little more and watch them put through the heat and see if they step up in the process.

Which means receivers such so on all freshman Sam Phillips is working on creating new connections with his potential QB.

Said Phillips: Over time not just here but in practice and even when we’re not in practice Saturday today we come down to the field and get some more work in.

Also Mocs star players like Ford and Jay Person are back for another year.

Said Person: Been here three years now and I feel like I wanna get something done that we haven’t gotten done in the past two years since I’ve been here. It’s real personal for me especially for me being around this way.

Said Wright: those guys have been around and I understand what we’re trying to get done. They understand they’re trying to do it and the biggest thing is just their presence of being around and understanding that I guess it’s an opportunity to show them hey this is how you gonna do it better.

Spring practice will also be used to give time to replace Offensive lineman McClendon Curtis who is preparing for the NFL draft.


Person: Really put it on the map with those guys blowing up and going to dominating. So it helps us a lot bringing scouts in to see me in the all the other players this year so it’s a big deal.

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