Chattanooga Police add 16 more public safety cameras

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Chattanooga Police announce they are adding 16 more public safety cameras to their network.

That will give them a total of 53.

Police officials say they crunched the numbers over three years and got community input on where to put the new cameras.

The video from each camera is fed to the Real Time Intelligence Center (RTIC) at the Police Service Center.

They use the video to build cases.

Police officials say RTIC investigators have worked on 1,022 incidents since the beginning of the year.

And video was used in 280 violent crime cases and arrests.

The cameras aren’t hidden.

You can see them in 2-foot-tall, white metal box clearly and marked with the CPD badge and a blue flashing light on top of EPB poles.

They can zoom and pan to follow the action.


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