Chattanooga protest to Wade Vs. Wade being overturned

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- A few hundred people from the Tennessee Valley area and North Georgia protested against Roe VS Wade being overturned.

Chants of we will fight rang out throughout Coolidge park as they say even bough they expected Roe Vs Wade to be overturned, they will not accept it without standing up for their rights.
People held signs saying our body our choice and abortion is health care.
“It is between a healthcare professional and the patient. It is a medical right. It is not something you just take lightly. It’s not a political agenda. It hurts my heart. It hurts because I know what this means. We’re gonna have An uphill battle but I believe we will overcome it,” said protestor Victoria Flores.
Others were in favor of the decisions such as Tennessee governor Bill Lee who said in a tweet,
“Today’s landmark Supreme Court decision marks the beginning of a hopeful chapter for our country.”
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