Chattanooga Ready to Host Blue Cross Bowl For Second Straight Year

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) For the second year high school football fans will be coming to Chattanooga to see the Football teams from around Tennessee compete for a state title.

News 12s Brian Armstrong finds out what Finley stadium and Chattanooga has to offer.

Said Chattanooga Sports Committee president Tim Morgan:”We’ve learned a lot and we’ve been putting a lot of preparation’s in place to enhance the customer experience. Getting people into Finley Stadium’s campus.”

Last year Chattanooga opened Finley stadium to the best football teams in the state hoping to win a state title.

Said Morgan:”It’s a perfect combination it’s a win-win for both. It’s a win for a team out of Memphis that may be traveling into Chattanooga to participate or a team at a Nashville or local team that is actually fortune enough to make the blue cross bowl.”

Tim Morgan says they learned a lot from the first year to make the second year even better.

Said Morgan:”Having an easier traffic flow pattern around Finley Stadium so spectators and get into the parking lots and out with his and safe conditions.”

They learned on how to be able to provide the teams the best experience

Said Morgan:”We implemented a ambassador program this year with one representative being aligned with each team that qualifies with state championship so the ambassador program is the act as a concierge for the team itself when they’re making their plans on traveling to Chattanooga and be part of this blue cross bowl.”

He says Finley stadium offers a great atmosphere and Chattanooga provides a great environment for those traveling to see the games.

Said Morgan:”There’s not a better destination in the state of Tennessee to host the high school State football championship but I think the combination of our guest experience in our restaurants, attractions, hotels coupled with this family friendly destination that has a phenomenal venue.”


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